How To Fix pokemon home error code 2-alzta-0006?

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Pokemon Home Error Code 2-alzta-0006

Many users in the online forum are complaining about a recent error where they are stuck on the “Logging in” screen on Pokémon Home, and then resulting in the error code 2-alzta-0006. And as per our research most people are getting the issue while using Pokemon Home on Switch.

If you are having the same issue then here in this post we are going to provide you with possible solutions to fix the pokemon home error code 2-alzta-0006.

Reasons For the pokemon home error code 2-alzta-0006?

  • You have logged in to Pokemon home from multiple platforms.
  • Your wifi network is insecure.
  • The Pokemon home app needs to be updated.
  • There are some temporary bugs on the device on which you are using Pokemon home.

How To Fix pokemon home error code 2-alzta-0006?

Fix 1: Check If You Have Logged From Multiple Platforms

This is one of the main causes of the issue. If you have logged in to Pokemon home from your other device while accessing Pokemon home on another device then this error code may occur.

Suppose you are trying to log in to Pokemon home from your Switch then make sure you are not logged in to the Pokemon home from your smartphone.

Fix 2: Switch To Another Wifi Network

During our research, we find that most of people get this error code because of their wifi network.

Check if you have connected to an unsecured wifi network. If yes then simply switch to the other wifi networks, or change your existing wifi to a secure network.

If you don’t have any idea what a secure and unsecured wifi network is then an unsecured wifi connection is either one that doesn’t have any password, or it’s a wifi network with the password but using an old security standard.

A secure wifi network has a password with the latest security standards.

Here is how to change a wifi network to secure

  • Bring a PC/laptop.
  • Connect the PC/laptop to your Wifi network.
  • Then open a web browser on your PC/laptop.
  • In the browser type your router’s IP address and tap enter.
  • Enter your router admin credentials. If you don’t know your router credentials then check on the back of the router or contact your ISP.
  • Then go to wifi settings.
  • If in case your wifi doesn’t have the password then give it one.
  • Then choose WPA2-PSK for security mode. And please make sure to not use WPA, WEP, or any other multi modes that include WPA-PSK.

Note: If you are getting this error on your smartphone then close the app and disconnect from WiFi. After that reopen the app, and make sure it works off WiFi, then close the app again, and reconnect to WiFi.

Fix 3: Check If You Have Any Pending Updates For The Home

The error can also be related to any bug with the pokemon Home, so check if pokemon Home has any pending updates. If yes, then please consider updating it. And after that check, if doing this fixes the issue.

Fix 4: Restart Your Device

If you are on the secure network and you are using the latest version of Pokemon home then restart the device on which you are using the Pokemon home.

Fix 5: turning off the phone’s WIFI

Note: This troubleshoots is only for those who are getting this error code on their phone.

  • Turning off your phone’s WIFI.
  • Then check if the Pokemon Home app works now.
  • If the Pokemon Home app works after turning off your phone’s WIFI then turn your WIFI back on.

Fix 6: deleting Home and redownloading it again

If any of the above solutions doesn’t let you fix the issue then delete the pokemon app and redownload it. After that check, if the issue has been resolved or not.

Fix 7: Pokémon And Nintendo Team support

If none of the solutions let you fix the issue then try to contact the Pokémon and Nintendo Team support to report the issue. Maybe any of them will have any updates for the error code.

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