How to Troubleshoot PokerStars Error Code -2/-87 (2 87)?

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In this post, we will discuss the error code -2/-87 with PokerStars, and share possible workarounds.

As per our research errors PokerStars Error Code -2/-87 may arise when you are using PokerStars or attempting to update the PokerStars app. According to official information provided by PokerStars on their website, this error typically occurs when your device’s firewall obstructs PokerStars’ internet access.

The error says, Cannot connect on Windows: Errors -2/-87

Fixes For PokerStars Error Code -2/-87

Fix 1: Give Your Internet And Computer A Fresh Start

The first thing you are required to do is to restart your device along with the internet.

  • Simply turn off your computer.
  • Then turn off your router or whatever network equipment you are connected to.
  • Then wait for around 2 to 3 minutes.
  • Then turn on the internet and your computer.
  • Then check if your internet is working or not. You can also perform an internet speed test.
  • Then check if the error still occurs.

Fix 2: Configure Your Firewall

If the error persists, you must adjust your firewall settings. The proper configuration of the firewall is essential for the seamless operation of PokerStars. Each firewall control panel maintains a program list with varying permissions for each entry. When installing a new program, the firewall prompts for configuration settings specific to that program. You may have inadvertently blocked PokerStars files within your firewall settings, leading to the occurrence of this error.

Here is how to configure your firewall for the PokerStars.

The steps should be very much similar for most of the firewalls, but the location will be different in each firewall:

  1. Navigate to your firewall control panel, which can be accessed by double-clicking on the firewall icon near the Windows system clock or locating it in the Start menu.
  2. Then choose the ‘Programs’ tab.
  3. Then under the program list, you can find the following items.
    • PokerStars.exe
    • PokerStarsUpdate.exe
    • PokerStarsCommunicate.exe
    • PokerstarsBr.exe
    • PokerStarsComp.exe (.NET only)
    • Tracer.exe
    • xc.exe
    • xcw.exe
    • Xcwxp.exe
  4. You need to check permission for each of these programs. If any of the programs’ permission is set to Block All then you need to change it to Permit All.

Note: in case you feel any difficulty with your Antivirus software then you can contact your security software vendor.

Fix 4: Disable Your Device Antivirus/Firewall Temporarily

If you still receive the error then you should try temporarily disabling your device’s antivirus or firewall, and then verify if the error still occurs.

PokerStars Error Code -2/-87 (2 87)

Fix 5: Are You Using VPN?

  • If you are using a VPN on your device, ensure you are connected to a server in a region where PokerStars is allowed; otherwise, you are susceptible to this error.
  • If you are not currently using a VPN, consider using one if it is available. Numerous users have reported that employing a VPN assists in resolving this error.
PokerStars Error Code -2/-87 (2 87)

Fix 6: Other Workarounds

  • If the error persists, there is a possibility that PokerStars is experiencing temporary issues with their system. Therefore, it is advisable to wait for a few hours or a day, and then attempt again.
  • You can also consider contacting the PokerStars team to report this error. When you contact them please make sure to send them the following details.
    • Your connection type such as Dial-Up, Cable, DSL, etc.
    • Your internet service provider.
    • The log files from our software.

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