Popcorn Time APK To Stream Movies & TV Shows For Free

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Popcorn Time is a streaming application for Android, Windows, MAC, Linux, and Android TV. The app lets you stream movies and TV series for free. Here on the app you find and watch any latest released English movies, TV shows, Web Series and Netflix original content.

The app comes with an open-source license so you can use the app for free without paying a single penny.

So below we are going to tell you how you can download and install this app on your device to enjoy unlimited no of entertainment content.

What Is Popcorn Time APK?

You can not find and download the app from apps stores because Popcorn Time is not a legal streaming app because it streams and download torrents links. That is why this app is not listed to any official apps store.

So you have to download the Popcorn Time’s APK file from the official source or any trusted APK apps store then install it to your desired device.

Download Popcorn Time APK

You can download the APK file of the app from the below download link. The download link is 100% working and safe to download and does not contains any kind of virus or malware.

Download For Android

Download For Windows

Download For MAC

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Just click on the download link and it will automatically start downloading the file. Wait till it completes the download.

How To Install Popcorn Time On Android?

The process to install the Popcorn time to your android device is very simple. You just need to tap on the downloaded Popcorn Time file and it will start installing the app.

But there is a problem, you are downloading and installing an application from an unknown source so you have to allow permission by doing some changes to the setting.

  1. Just go to phone setting
  2. So to the security & privacy setting
  3. Allow unknown sources

Now you can install apps from unknown sources

Installation Process For Android TV

Android TV is an amazing place to enjoy videos on the home on a big screen and if you have the app Popcorn time on your Android TV then you can enjoy some really amazing content.

But you can not find the Popcorn Time app the Android TV app store, you have to install the app with the help of a Pendrive.

  • First, download the APK file for the Android TV from the above to your PC
  • Now connect a Pendrive with your PC and transfer the downloaded APK file
  • Then connect the Pendrive to Android TV
  • Go to the folder where you transferred the APK file
  • Now tap on the APK file and follow the instructions to complete the process

Installation Process For MAC

In MAC too, you have to do some changes to the setting before installing the APK file. Just follow the below-given steps

Go to system preference

How to install unknown apps to mac

Go to security and privacy

How to install unknown apps to mac

Now allow “app store and identified developers”

How to install unknown apps to mac

All settings are done

Now download the app file for MAC from above link and tap on it to install

Installation Process For Windows

To install the app on the Windows PC you do not require to do any changes to the setting or anything else like Android or MAC. First download the windows version of APK file from above and just tap on the file to install. It will show you warning messages like “the file can contain a virus”, just ignore it and tap ok and follow the instructions. After a few click, the app will be installed to your windows device.

Why Popcorn Time Is Not Like Other Streaming Apps

There are soo many free streaming apps like Popcorn Time but most of them contain ads to generate money. But Popcorn Time is completely ads-free so you can enjoy videos without any kind of interruptions. 

Yes, there is no nothing bad of using Ads but most of the time the app shows too many advertisements and also sometimes ads interrupt in between the video. Which completely destroys your movie-watching experience.

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