Popcorn Time For Chromecast With Android & PC

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Chromecast is an HDMI dongle for your TV which helps you to cast content to your TV wirelessly. In sort with Chromecast, you can turn your normal TV to a smart TV and can easily stream from services like Netflix, Prime Video, etc.

Also today most of the smart TV comes with the pre-installed Chromecast. So you do not need an external Chromecast device.

If you are a Popcorn Time user and want to stream Popcorn Time’s content to your Chromecast enables device. Then yes it is possible to cast content from the app to Chromecast.

How To Cast Popcorn Time To Chromecast?

Using an Android device is the best way to cast the app to Chromecast. So you have to download and install the Popcorn Time APK to your Android smartphone.

Make sure “Chromecast devices” and “smartphones” connected with the same internet or WIFI network.

  • Now open the app to your smartphone
  • Pick which movie/series you want to stream
  • Now play the video with their default media player
  • Now on the top right corner, you will see the Chromecast icon, tap on it

How To Cast Popcorn Time To Chromecast?

Now you can see your Chromecast device name, just tap on it

How To Cast Popcorn Time To Chromecast?

It will start casting to your device

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What If Your Device Do Not Have Built-In Chromecast?

If your device does not have an inbuilt Chromecast then you can buy a Chromecast and externally use it. You can also check here a good comparison of different streaming sticks.

What If You Are A IOS User? And Do Not Have Any Android Device?

How To Cast Popcorn Time On PC?

Do not worry and feel unlucky if you are not an android user, the pc version of the app also supports the Chromecast. So by using your PC, you can cast Popcorn Time content over Chromecast.

Like Android, PC version too does not shows you the option to cast until you play the video. So first you have to play the video with their default “buffer” media player.

Once the video started playing, you can see the icon the cast the video. As you will tap on the icon it will start showing you all of the available devices near you.

Just pick your device and it will start running your favorite Popcorn Time content to Chromecast.

Problem While Casting Popcorn Time On PC?

Users have posted soo many issues of Popcorn Time casting from PC on the official subreddit account. So yes the app supports the Chromecast but it does not work perfectly.

You may face lots of issues and also maybe you do not find the option to cast on your device. You have no control over it.

You can do one thing, you can go to the official Popcorn Time subreddit and post a thread about the error you are facing. The subreddit has some good active members with good knowledge regarding Popcorn Time troubleshooting.

Also, you can visit the previous threads related to the casting error on PC. Maybe you find any solution there.

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