Popcorn Time Guide For Windows | Everything You Need To Know

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Popcorn Time is an amazing solution for movies and TV shows addict, it gives you the option to choose and stream thousands of TV shows and movies.

The app is available for Android, Windows, MAC and Android TV. Here in this post, we are going to let you how you can install & use Popcorn Time to windows laptops and computers.

Download And Installation Process

If you will look for the app in the official windows apps store then you will find nothing. The reason is that the app uses torrent as a source to stream & download videos which makes the app illegal in most of the regions.

So if you want to download the app to your windows device then you have to directly download the Popcorn Time windows file from the official source and then install it to your device.

To download the app file you can visit the official Popcorn Site or download from the below link. And you do not need to worry, we downloaded and added the official Popcorn Time file here.

Download Popcorn Time

Once the download is finished, just tap on the downloaded file. It may show you a warning message that you are installing from an unknown source or it can be a virus. Just ignore the messages and continue to get the instruction for the installation process.

Just follow the instructions and you are done.

How To Download Videos In Windows?

You can not download videos in windows. The android version supports the download option in the app but you will not find any download option in the windows version.

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I do not know why, but it is a fact that there is no option to download videos in the windows version of Popcorn Time.

Even in the Mac version, the app lets you get the Magnet link. With the magnet link, you can download the video with a torrent downloader. But in the windows version of the app, there is no option to get the magnet link too.

So sadly you are unable to download videos in windows through Popcorn Time.

Subtitles Error In App

In the recent update, the app was facing issues while showing subtitles. We are hoping that issue will be fixed by the developer by now. But still, if you face any subtitles issue then manually download and use the subtitles.

Follow below-given steps to manually use the subtitles

First, you must have the VLC media player to your computer

Make an account to “Open Subtitles” and login

Open Subtitles" Account

Search for the subtitles and download it

Use Custom Subtitles In Popcorn Time

Open the video in the Popcorn Time app with VLC

Go to subtitles and tap “add subtitles file”

popcorn time subtitle error

Choose the srt file from the downloaded subtiles file

how to manually setup subtitle in popcorn Time

You are done

Popcorn Time Keeps Crashing In Windows

Yes, it happens many time that the apps crashes while streaming or downloading. But you have to understand that there are 70% chances that the app is crashing because of your windows device, there is no issue with the app.

  • Please make sure your device has enough storage left

If your device will be out of storage or there will be very little storage left then the app will create the problem and it will crash while usage. So find and delete the unwanted file, clear cache and other similar useless files which laptop automatically stores.

  • Your Windows Error

If you are using a pirated windows on your laptop then sure your computer will performance will be slow. And if your PC will work slow then Popcorn Time will defiantly trouble you.

The app process huge files from torrents to stream videos. So your pc must act fast. So if possible use a genuine window and if you are using a pirated windows then make sure you have enough storage left and please disable the automatic windows update.

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