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There are so many question on forums and communities like reddit about the Popcorn Time App so we in this post we try to cover and answer all of the relevant questions about the app. If still we did not cover any query, then you can let us know by commenting below.

Popcorn Time FQS

Why Popcorn Time Is Not Working?

First, check the app for the recent update. If it is up to date then uninstall and reinstall any previous version of the app.

Why Popcorn Time Is Slow?

There may be any issue with your internet, check for your internet. If you are using any free VPN service then it will the issue of your free VPN provider. If you are not using any free VPN and your internet is too working great then please uninstall the app and reinstall any previous version of the App.

Why Popcorn Time Subtitles Not Working?

It is not the error of app instead sometimes some movies have an issue with loading subtitles. You can do one thing, you can check subtitles setting, sometimes it works.

Why App Stops Downloading Videos?

The app works fine, you can download videos in MAC & Android devices. But there is no option to download videos in windows.

Why App Is Buffering?

The error may be because of your internet connection. Also because Popcorn Time stream torrents link so it can be the error with some particular movie links. 

Why is Popcorn Time Asking For VPN?

The app just shows the pop-up notification to use the VPN for better online safety. Otherwise, the app works fine even without the VPN.

Why App Doesn’t Load Movies?

As I tell you that Popcorn Time stream torrents link so it may be the error with just few particular movies. The overall app is fine.

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Which Popcorn Time Is Real & Safe To Download?

Download and use the APK from Popcorntime.app. 

Is App Safe To Use?

Yes, the app is safe and does not contain any viruses or malware. But if possible use a good VPN network because the app stream torrents link.  

Can App Work Without VPN?

Yes the app works perfectly without the VPN.

How App Works?

The app uses torrents links to stream and download movies.

How App Makes Money?

The app is ads-free but they are making money by selling their VPN service

Is App Legal?

No, the app is not legal, because Popcorn Time stream torrents links and torrenting is illegal in most of the counties. So better check that is torrent is illegal or not in your country, if yes then the app is also illegal.

Is Popcorn Time Available For iPhone?

No there is no official version of the App for the iPhone users.

Similar Apps For Android

Popcorn Time works fine, but still, if you looking for any Popcorn Time alternatives then you can use UnboxmyTV or Morpheus TV.

Similar Apps For MAC

There are very few official free streaming apps for MAC, but if you install an Android Emulator on your MAC then you can use free Android streaming apps on your MAC device. If not agree to use any emulator then you can stream movies on free streaming movies sites like 123movies, or FMovies.

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