Popcorn Time VS Netflix | Unbiased Comparison

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Netflix is a premium streaming application where users pay for the monthly subscription to enjoy the content on Netflix. The basic plan of Netflix costs you 2.60$ per month, but other side you pay nothing for using the Popcorn Time App.

So here in this article, we are going to compare between Netflix and Popcorn Time that which streaming app you must use.

Popcorn Time VS Netflix

Quick Answer,

The main difference Popcorn Time and Netflix is that Popcorn time is illegal movies & TV shows streaming platform because it serve pirated content while Netflix is an American subscription streaming service and production company.


In term of Legality, Netflix is a legal app which only streams content for which it has copyright and their own original contents.

But Popcorn Time streams and download uncopyrighted torrents links and that is why it is illegal. And it promotes piracy.

So we will not recommend using the Popcorn, but it is your choice you want to use or not the Popcorn Time app.


In terms of safety definitely Netflix is a great option because it only streams movies and TV shows for which they have copyright. So you do not need to worry about any copyright hassles.

But the other side Popcorn Time is little unsafe, can lead you to the copyright hassles because using torrent is also Illegal. And Popcorn Time stream torrents links. So if you are a Popcorn Time user then use a good VPN Network to stay protected from the copyright hassles and another kind of online torrenting risks.


Netflix is a premium streaming service where you have to pay for their monthly subscription to get access to the content. The basic Netflix plan will cost you around 2.60$ for a month.

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Netflix or Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time is a free streaming solution where you do not need to pay anything and you can get access to the unlimited no of content. Also here on the app, you can access all of the Netflix originals films free of cost.


In terms of popularity, Netflix has huge subscribers because it is a very old company. Netflix was founded in 1997 but Popcorn Time came into the game in 2014. In comparison to Netflix, Popcorn Time has less users but in itself, Popcorn Time is very famous and has millions of users worldwide.

Apps Compatibility

Both apps have a separate version for individual operating systems.

Netflix is available for Android, Windows, MAC, and iPhone. Also, the app is available for Android TV as well as.

Popcorn Time is officially available forĀ  Android, Windows, MAC, And Android TV. The app has no official version of the iPhone. But still, there are some ways to use the App on the iPhone

Revenue Model

The Popcorn Time is ads-free, it does not show you ads like other free streaming services. As we can see that they are selling their own VPN subscription, so yes they are definitely making money by selling VPN to their users.

But Netflix is a premium service where the user has to pay on a monthly basis for subscription to get access to their content. So Netflix makes revenue by selling its subscription. Also, Netflix does not show any ads.

Content & Service Quality

In terms of quality, Netflix is best, they have a great user interface and you can stream in 1080 PX to experience HD video quality.

Here on popcorn time too, you can access to the 1080 PX Full HD Videos. But Popcorn Time does not store anything on their own server, instead they use torrent links. So many times torrents links failed to load or stream with the bad video quality.

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