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This article has all the information on Amazon Prime No-Rush Rewards (Digital Balance). Read the full article to know everything there is to know about the No-Rush service.

Prime No-Rush Reward (Digital Balance)

What is Amazon No-Rush Reward?

One of the best features of Amazon is that they provide very fast deliveries. You do not have to wait for your products to arrive.

It is very beneficial when you need the item urgently and is very important.

However, there are many items that you do not need very urgently and can live without. This is where Amazon No-Rush delivery comes into play.

If you opt for Amazon No-Rush delivery, you will not receive the item in one or two days, but you will earn rewards on your purchase.

Discounts will be given to both Prime and non-Prime users, but rewards will only be given to Prime users that can be applied to a huge variety of products listed on Amazon’s website.

We know that the faster delivery options are highly tempting, but choosing the No-Rush option may earn you big rewards.

How to check your Amazon No-rush Reward balance?

Once you make a purchase using the No-Rush option, you will receive your credit in your Amazon account within 5 working days.

This reward is only available for Amazon Prime Video. The rewards are set differently for different products. You can use this credit by logging into your Amazon Account device.

Just select the product you want to buy like ebooks, Prime Video, digital Music, apps from the Amazon store, etc., and your Amazon No-Rush Reward balance will be applied at checkout.

How to use the Amazon No-Rush option?

If you have accumulated the Amazon No-rush rewards by making purchases on Amazon. Follow the steps given below to use your Amazon No-Rush Reward Option for the payment of your purchases:

  • Go to Amazon’s Official Website and log in to your Prime Membership account.
  • Now search for the product you need to buy by typing it in the search box.
  • Select the item which you are looking to buy.
  • At the checkout’s payment page, you will see an option to apply your Amazon No-Rush Rewards.
  • If you choose to apply Amazon No-Rush rewards, the amount of your Amazon No-rush Rewards will be deducted from the total bill value.


Amazon No-Rush delivery arrives within 5 business days from when you place the order. Most items that people buy on e-commerce websites are the ones that they do not need urgently.

For example, you probably can live without the clothes that you ordered, or the book, or the cosmetic product, etc.

However, we understand it is very hard to resist the faster delivery options. Amazon No-rush Delivery will benefit you a lot in the long run. Thank you for reading this article.

Come back for more such information only on this website. Happy Shopping!

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