How To Fix prime video error code 1061?

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prime video error code 1061

Amazon Prime Video has risen as one of the top contenders in the OTT space. There is so much content available on the platform that sometimes you might feel that the only problem you have is deciding what to watch.

But unfortunately, there are some errors that crop up now and then and disrupt the experiences of the viewers. 

Nobody wants an interruption in their streaming when they are in the middle of a nail-biting sequence in a movie or show.

But since it is a piece of technology, errors are bound to show up as no piece of technology is ever perfect. There is always room for improvement.

Lately, users have been experiencing the error code 1061 a lot. There are many user communities online that help you make sense of the error and also share what solutions worked for them. We have collected all the relevant information on the same and we are serving that to you in an easy-to-understand format.

In this article, we will discuss how to fix Prime Video error code 1061. What does this error code mean and what are the reasons that this happens?

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What is error code 1061 on Prime Video?

The error code 1061 on Prime Video is a connection error. This error prevents your device to connect to the Prime video servers.

A connection to the server is extremely important for streaming as the content that you are watching, streams through a solid connection. 

If you lose connection to the server, streaming of the content will inevitably shut down and you will face the error 1061 on Prime Video.

Now that we know the issue is an internet connection problem, we can look at the probable causes in the next section.

Why does prime video error code 1061 Occurs?

Why is the Prime Video on your device not able to connect to the server for streaming?

The Why is really an essential route to understanding how to fix it. 

Let’s make a list of reasons that can cause connection problems and eventually the flashing of error code 1061 on Prime Video.

Here is why you are having trouble connecting to the servers.

  • You are in a low network coverage area.
  • Your internet service provider’s server is down.
  • The Prime Video server is down.
  • Your Router or modem is not updated.
  • Your Fire Stick is malfunctioning.
  • Your Prime Video app is glitching

Do any of these reasons on the list ring a bell for you?

If not, it will be clear in the next section.

How to fix prime video error code 1061?

Solving the connection problem or the error code 1061 is highly dependent on the verification of the cause.

The list in the section above will surely give you an idea of where to look. Let us dive into the list of solutions that have fixed the issue for other users.

Fix 1: Check your internet connection

We know that you might think of this as the most stupid entry on the list as you will for sure be in the know if your internet connection is not working.

However, sometimes the internet speed that you are experiencing might not be enough for uninterrupted streaming.

It is not enough that you are connected to the internet. It should also be checked if the speed that you are getting is enough for streaming.

You can easily Google any free internet speed testing site and you will get a detailed result analysis on your internet speed.

Some sites also tell you the problems you are more likely to face depending on your internet speed.

Fix 2: Internet Service Provider server check

Sometimes the internet service provider that you are using for delivering your internet services, may have a server outage.

There are also times that the server may be shut down for maintenance.

Raise a support request at the internet service provider and you might be able to get back a timeline that you need to wait for before the services are restored. Any other solution on your part is unlikely if you do not have another connection to fall back on.

Fix 3: The Prime Video server is down

Sometimes there is no trouble on your end but the servers at Prime Video are down. The reasons may be in the range of a server crash due to too many users storming the server at once or the server shutting down for maintenance.

Either way, you cannot do anything on your part to make sure that this error is resolved. It is up to the technical team at Prime Video to make sure that the issue is resolved.

To make sure that this is the problem, you can use any down detector site on Google that gives you real-time information about the servers that may be down based on the complaint volume that they receive.

You can still raise a support ticket on the Prime Video website and they will let you know the reasonable amount of time that you should wait for the server to get back to work.

Fix 4: Your Prime Video app is glitching

The Prime Video app needs to be updated on a regular so that the identified glitches in the previous version can be solved in the new update.

When you miss the updates, not only are you using an older and obsolete version of the app but you are also exposing it to the risk of viruses and other malicious attacks.

Make sure that you always update your app and turn on auto-updates if you have a habit of forgetting.

If you still face a problem with the app, you should uninstall the app and reinstall the newer version from scratch. Usually, this helps.

Fix 5: Check your router and modem health

If your router and modem are not connected properly or are facing firmware issues due to not being updated on the regular, you will witness the effect on your internet connection. 

Make sure that both devices are updated regularly and that there are no hardware issues. Proper functioning of both devices is essential for a healthy internet connection.

Fix 6: Reset the Fire TV Stick

If you find that the error has originated from the Fire TV stick glitch, you can try to reboot or reset the device.

Here is how you can go about factory resetting on a Fire TV Stick. Make sure that you understand factory reset on a Fire TV stick will also erase all the preferences that were added beforehand and you will be starting from scratch.

Here is how you can do it.

  • If there is extendable storage, eject that just to be safe.
  • Press and hold the Back button as well as the Right side of the navigation circle for 10 seconds.
  • Release the buttons
  • You will get the options on the TV screen that correspond to going forward with the factory reset.
  • Click on Continue
  • The device will now reset.

Fix 7: Contact the Support team

If unfortunately, none of the options have worked for you, you can contact the official support team for Amazon Prime Video and register your issue.

They will send professional help and you will be able to receive technical assistance as well.


The error code 1061 on Prime Video signals a connection problem that could lead to the server connection being lost. 

We have made a list of all the fixes that have worked for other users and provided them here so that it is easy for you to fix the problem and get rid of the error code.

We hope that the article was of help to you and you could get back to your live streaming on Prime Video.

Happy Streaming!!

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