How To Install Prime Video On Playstation? | And What If There Is Any Error?

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Amazon Prime Video is a leading entertainment streaming service in the world right now. The service features a vivid range of watching options suited to everybody’s needs. People can access the service for a trial period of 30 days. After that, you will have to pay the amount which is set differently for every country.

The service provides users with high-quality content available to be played in 4K UHD and High Dynamic Range (HDR) streaming. Apart from this, content also features 1080P HD streaming with 5.1 Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital Plus. Dolby Atmos is said to be launched very soon. 

How To Install Prime Video On Playstation

Amazon Prime Video is available on almost every device out there. Sony Playstation also supports Amazon Prime Video on its Playstation 3 (PS3), Playstation 4 (PS4), Playstation 4 Pro (PS4 Pro), and Playstation TV (PS TV).

In this article, we have mentioned the steps to Install Prime Video on Playstation devices. Also, in this article, you will find some solutions to common errors which you may incur when using Amazon Prime Video on Playstation devices.

How to Install Amazon Prime Video on Playstation?

It is very easy to install Amazon Prime Video on your Playstation Device. Listed below are the steps for a flawless installation:

Step 1: Connect the Playstation device to the Internet

The first and foremost thing to remember is to connect your Sony Playstation console to the Internet. At the top of your “Main Menu” section, you will find an option labeled “Settings” press the button “X” to select. Now, go to “Network > Set Up Connection”. 

If you want to connect the Playstation with Wi-fi, choose “Use Wi-fi” then select “Easy”. Just select your network from the networks listed there.

If you want to connect your Playstation with a wired connection, just select “Use LAN cable” and you are ready to go.

After your console is connected to the Internet, just log in to your PSN account.

Step 2: Open Playstation Store

After signing in to your PSN account, you will find the option of “Playstation Store” listed on the top left corner of your screen. Navigate the cursor over to the option and press “X” on your remote to open the “Playstation Store”.

Step 3: Search for “Amazon Prime Video” 

Once you are into the Playstation Store, you will find an option of search, on the top of your screen. Hover over the cursor to the search option and search for “Amazon Prime Video”. 

Step 4: Download the app

When you find the Amazon Prime Video app for Playstation that you are looking for, just download it by clicking the download button present near the app icon. Do not worry because Amazon Prime Video is a free app, you will not be charged for it. Just wait, and your installation is complete.

Step 5: Log in 

One thing that you will notice is Playstation handles entertainment apps differently than games on the console. You will not find the Amazon Prime Video app on your Playstation home screen. Just navigate over to the TV and Video section. There you will find the “Amazon Prime Video” app.

Open the app and just log in to your subscription account. Enjoy watching Amazon Prime Video on PS4, PS3, PS TV.

Solutions If There Is Errors In Amazon Prime Video On Playstation

Though, most people never complain about having problems with the Amazon Prime Video app. Moreover, Sony Playstation is more than capable of handling apps like Prime Video.

Listed below are some reasons for errors in Amazon Prime Video on Playstation:

1. Internet Connectivity

If your internet connection is weak or unstable, the Amazon Prime Video app will not open and will get stuck on the starting screen.

Please make sure you have healthy internet connectivity. You can check the statistics of your connectivity by using “Internet Speed Testing” web apps. Also, reboot the modem/router to ensure the stability of the connection.

2. Reinstalling the app

If there is a continuous problem with the Amazon Prime Video app on your Playstation, just uninstall the app by navigating into the app options. Following this, reinstall the app by the steps given above in our article. 

3. System Update

There can be significant problems in apps if your Playstation’s system is not up to date. Just go to, “Settings > System Software Update > Update Now”.

If an update is available, click “Next” and wait for the download to finish. Once it has finished downloading, a license agreement will appear, select “Accept” and your Playstation will be updated. 

Note: The PlayStation might restart once the update is installed.

4. Reset Date and Time

Please check if your console’s date and time are set accurately. Inaccurate data and time settings may lead to hindrance in apps. You can change date and time by navigating to “Settings > Date and Time Settings > Date and Time”.

5. Resetting Playstation

This step should be adopted as a last resort. Resetting your Playstation will erase all your saved preferences and convert it back to the form like when you first bought it.

For resetting your Playstation device, go to “Main Menu > Initialization > Initialize PS4/PS3”. On the next page, choose the option “Full” to completely factory reset your console.


We hope that you have successfully installed the “Amazon Prime Video” application on your Playstation device.

If you face any problem with the app, you can come back here and check for solutions to common errors in Amazon Prime Video on Playstation devices. Thank you for reading this article. Enjoy watching your favorite TV shows and Movies.

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