How To Promote Your Business With The Use Of Video?

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Billions of internet users explore YouTube, which is quite magnificent, but YouTube’s status as the world’s second-largest Search Engine makes it more impressive.

We are not just appreciating YouTube, but from small movie clips to many serials from Hollywood or Bollywood, accidents videos, cartoons, and millions of other videos, you can catch a sneak peek of the market strategies of different businesses on this platform.

How To Promote Your Business With The Use Of Video

Undoubtedly, videos are very popular. A report has confirmed that the video content has about 83.8% of the market penetration rate only in the US.

This trend will not slow down as more people use their smartphones and laptops to see what their favorite brands are posting regularly. YouTube and Vlogging have made the video watching trend even more.

Of course, you can also use videos to promote your business, and there is no difficulty in creating videos as there are many video maker tools available. Learn more about how you can promote your business using videos.

Ways to Promote your Business Using Videos

Below are the best ways to use videos for the promotion of your business:

1. Create Videos with Sound Off

A video having a voiceover artist playing a beautiful music track is of no use if the video gets played with sounds off. Hence, create the content in the video such that it makes sense and is attractive to viewers even if they are watching it on mute.

Moreover, the video should be such that it can communicate the message even with the sounds off. As per a report, about 85% of Facebook users used to watch videos with the mute.

2. How-To Videos

How-to videos are like emails based on education, with the only difference being that these can be related to some particular services or products. You can create how-to videos in the form of tutorials about using a new product or service.

Through these videos, you can encourage the audience to buy your products or services by showcasing the advantages of these particular products.

3. Testimonials

You can create customer testimonials and use them for your promotional videos. In order to do that, you can interview your satisfied customers, sharing their experiences after using the products or services you offer.

Alternatively, you can display the images of your team in the form of a video clip and share the testimonials in the written form as an overlay.

4. Behind-the-Scenes

The audience loves to see the stories, so create behind-the-scenes videos and give a glimpse of your company to the clients.

You can do so by showcasing the work culture at your company, teams having fun while working, or how they are working to create a specific product or service.

You can also capture a day in your life and add it to your Instagram story or post a quick meet with your employees. Such videos give a face to your brand and public-facing content.

5. Fan-based Content

Let your users or fans create content for you in the form of a video. You can also ask your customers to share their product-related experiences in the form of videos on social media platforms, such as Instagram or Twitter.

You can share these videos and add Hashtags to get the full user-generated content. UGC videos let you capture the customer’s perspective about your products and services working.

6. Create Vlog

Vlogging is the new trending way these days. It is another creative way to keep your customers updated with the latest products, events, and current trends.

Try adding personality to your video blogs to attract customers. To make videos more attractive, you can use the video maker tools. Try to keep the length of the vlogs around 2 minutes and add the transcription as your blog post.

7. Explainer Video

The explainer video is a way businesses can use to explain their products and services in the form of video. The motive of such videos is to describe in a visual way what your company does.

You can add the explainer videos to the homepage of your website in order to get great results. To get more results from the explainer videos, you can also try using animation. There are some DIY tools that you can use to create animation-based videos.

You can also try to shoot the company’s owner explaining the business. Another idea is to film the mini-tours of your workplace or the time-lapse of an event.

8. Employee Interview

You can also take advantage of the video by telling the story of your best workers in order to make the customers more familiar with the people behind the services your company offers.

It is one of the most favorable steps to encourage your teams. Hence they can make stronger bonding with the customers they cope with customarily.

You can also make videos by asking some crucial questions to the employees, which include what brings you to work in this company? Do you like the environment of the company? Would you suggest your friends join this company? And many other questions you think will attract more customers.

Make the Video with Social Media Strategy

After making a top-quality video regarding your brand or services, you get to make sure that it is suitable according to the best practices of each social media platform.

Additionally, the videos you create for social media should be appealing enough which cater to all your targets related to the marketing.

For instance, if you make a video in order to sell a product, you should create a how-to video describing the use of the product and its benefits.

In fact, these social media sites have a default video maker tool that lets you create videos or upload the already created ones. Now let us check out some best practices for the social network sites.

  • Facebook: Facebook allows the videos to be forty-five seconds long and 1GB in size. But keep in mind that the average video length is 44 seconds. And the popular videos are shorter than that.
  • Twitter: It offers an in-built camera icon, using which the users can record videos maximum of up to 140 seconds. In addition to that, the users can also upload an already created video.
  • Instagram: You can make a one-minute-long video with a maximum file limit of 150 MB. Apart from that, you can also add numerous filters, locations, and captions. You can use your mobile phone to upload the video to Instagram.

In addition to the above best practices, add attractive titles and descriptions with relevant Hashtags in order to make them get noticed by wider audiences. Moreover, you can ask your viewers to embed and share your videos.


Integrating marketing strategy with video gives rise to new chances for connecting with more users. It also offers a ton of advantages over written content. You can use both video and written content and get the benefits of both to promote your business.

If you want to follow the market trends, video marketing is a sure thing you need to follow for your business. This article explained different ways to promote your business using video and various types of videos you can create as the marketing strategy for your business promotion.

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