How To Fix PS5 error code CE-10005-6?

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PS5 Error Code CE-10005-6

You must be a really proud owner of PlayStation 5. You should definitely be because this is one of the most advanced gaming consoles you can get your hands on. 

Not only does it come with a wide range of advanced accessories but it is also really technologically advanced.

When the PS5 was launched, people went crazy to get their hands on it. The fiasco in the market indicates that there are lots of users of PS5 in the market today.

When there are many users for the same thing, it is of great help because there are many community channels where the users discuss their issues and errors with the popular device.

There are many errors with PS5 And this is quite normal because no piece of technology is perfect. 

In this article, we will discuss how to fix PS5 error code CE-10005-6.

But before we discuss how to fix the issue, it is very important to understand what this error code exactly means and what are the reasons behind this error code showing up in the first place.

We will discuss all this and more in the subsequent sections of this article.

What does the error CE-10005-6 mean on PS5?

Replay this scenario in your head that you are trying to install a new game on your PS5 using a disc and then you see this error code on your screen.

Does this ring any bells?

We will tell you exactly what the connection is.

The error CE-10005-6 means that the PS5 is having trouble reading the disc. There can be many reasons behind this error and we will discuss all of them one by one in the next section. 

However, this error can also occur due to a variety of other reasons as well, which are not related to the disc at all. Many users have reported that they are witnessing this error on their PS5 even when they have not inserted a disc.

We will also discuss this in the next sections.

Why are you seeing this error on Your PS5?

As we have already mentioned that this error only shows up when you’re trying to install a new game on the PS5, We will now discuss why the new game is not being installed on the PS5.

Here are the reasons that may be able to explain this better.

  • The disc you are using is incompatible with PS5.
  • The disc that you are using has scratches or dust.
  • There’s a glitch in your PS5 console.
  • You have a slow Internet connection.
  • The PS5 server is down.
  • The power cable that you have received with the PS5 is having trouble. 
  • The storage on your PS5 is full.

These are some of the reasons that can explain this error code on your PS5 whenever you try to install a new game.

In the next section, we will discuss each of them in detail and how you can fix them.

How To fix PS5 error code CE-10005-6

So now that we know that you are not able to download your game or install a new game on your PS5 due to this error showing up.

Why does this exactly happen?

We have made a list of the Whys in the above section. In this section we will discuss them in detail and how the other users have eliminated this error.

Fix 1: The Disk you are using is incompatible with PS5.

Whenever you are trying to install a game on PS5 through a disc, make sure that the disc specifications match the specifications mentioned on the PS5 website.

All the accessories and the disc that you are connecting to the PS5 should be according to the standards that are mentioned on the website. This is to make sure that the PS5 has compatibility with the accessories that you’re connecting.

If the disc that you are using is not according to the specifications of PS5, it is quite common knowledge that you will not be able to download or install any game through this disc.

The simple solution to this problem is visiting the PS5 website and looking at the disks you can use with your PS5.

Switch the older disc with the newer one that is compatible with PS5 and you will be able to get rid of this error and download or install your favorite game.

Fix 2: The disc that you’re using has scratches or dust on the surface.

The disc that you’re inserting into your PS5 should be free of scratches and should not have any dust on the surface.

When there are scratches or dust on the surface of the desk that you have inserted, it causes a problem with the PS5 in the identification of the disc.

The simple solution to this is to be mindful of the disc that you are using and keep it in a safe place to that it does not have any scratches. Also, wipe the disc with a soft cloth before you insert it into the PS5 console.

Fix 3: You have a slow Internet connection

The PS5 console is heavily dependent on the Internet for its functioning and updates. If the Internet connection that you’re using is slow and incompatible, then the PS5 will not function as it is supposed to.

There are many different errors that can cause a slow Internet connection. There might be a problem with your router. There might be a problem with your modem, the Internet service provider’s server might be down, or even the connecting wires that you are using might play a role in your slow Internet connection.

Connect another device to the Internet and make sure that the Internet connection is not a problem. If the other devices that you have connected to the same Internet connection are also having a problem, then you should work on solving the Internet problem before you can solve any problem with your PS5.

Fix 4: The PS5 server is down

As with any other gaming server, if there are many different users that are crowding the server at the same time, then there might be a problem with the server crashing.

The PS5 server is designed to take the weight of many different users playing at the same time, but as we said, no piece of technology is immune to any error. There might be rare cases in which the server of PS5 crashes because of a lot of traffic.

In this case, the only solution that you can apply is raising a complaint on the official PS5 website and going to the community online to find out if the other users are facing the same problem.

If the problem is occurring worldwide, then there is nothing you can do except wait for the technical team to solve the problem. You can make sure that the technical team will be working overtime to clear this issue as soon as possible because this is affecting many users at the same time.

Fix 5: Your PS5 console is glitching.

Sometimes the issue lies with your PS5 console and there is no problem with the disc. As we have mentioned above that the users are complaining that sometimes they face this error even when they have not inserted any disc into their PS5.

We can explain this with the glitch in the PS5 system.

To remove this glitch or fix this glitch in the PS5 system, what you can do is either try to restart the PS5 console or you can also try to power cycle the PS5 console.

If you are OK with all your preferences being deleted, you can also try a factory reset on your PS5. 

But be warned that you should always try the solution only when the other solutions have not worked because this will erase every kind of preference in settings that you have made on the PS5 for your convenience.

Fix 6: The storage on your PS5 is full

Since this error shows up when you’re trying to download or install a new game on your PS5 console, if there is no storage space left on your console, it makes sense that you will be blocked from installing the new game.

If you are experiencing this error without inserting a disc into the PS5, you should always check the storage capacity of your PS5. Sometimes we just assume that there is storage space left on the PS5 but there isn’t because the games that you have previously installed have now downloaded their own updates, and the size of the game has grown from the time you installed it first.

To solve this problem, always make sure before installing or downloading a new game that you have the space that the game requires in order to be downloaded on the PS5 console.

Fix 7: Contact the PS5 support team.

As you already know, when nothing works, your best friend is the customer support system. If you still do not want to Contact customer support yet, then you can also enter the online communities that talk about the errors and the functions of PS5.

There are many experienced individuals in these communities that have experienced the same error that you are experiencing. Once you raise a question in these communities, someone will answer you about what has helped them and what can you do in order to fix your specific problem.

If nobody in the online community is able to help you, then you should contact the customer support helpline for the PS5. They are well versed with all the error codes and what you need to do in order to fix that error codes.

If there is a problem with the hardware component on your PS5, then it is very important to contact customer support as they can help you with a replacement if that is in your warranty.


The PS5 is a very popular device and people are dying to get their hands on it but it really does not mean that there are no problems with the device. Everything is not rosy and shiny.

There are many glitches in the system and many error codes that pop up when you’re trying to play or install a new game. In this article, we have discussed the error code CE-10005-6.

This is the error code that comes up when you’re trying to download or install a new game from the disc.

Generally, this error code means that the disc that you’re using is not being read by the PS5 system but there are many other reasons as well that we have mentioned in the article above.

We have tried to mention all the fixes that are uncomplicated and will be easy for you to try before contacting the customer support team. We hope that just got your PS5 back and rolling.

Happy Gaming!! and we are here if you need any more technical advice. 

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