How To Fix Playstation Error Code np-104602-3?

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Playstation Error Code np-104602-3

Error code NP-104602-3 with Playstation is a connection error that prevents you from playing online games. The main cause of this error is server issues, such as server downtime or high user traffic. If the game server is not the cause, the error may be due to internet connectivity issues.

How To Fix Playstation error code np-104602-3?

Fix 1: Check PlayStation Server Status

As I mentioned above, most of the time it’s the PlayStation server that causes this error.

So before trying any troubleshooting you should first check if PlayStation is facing any issues.

To check the PlayStation server status you can visit here. And if the PlayStation server is down or under maintenance then wait for some hours and then try again.

Fix 2: Restart Internet And PlayStation

As a next workaround, you should try restarting your internet and PlayStation console.

  • Power off your PlayStation.
  • Then power off your Router.
  • Now Wait for around 2 minutes.
  • Then Power On the internet and PlayStation.
  • Then connect the PlayStation to the internet and check if you still have the error.

Fix 3: Try Using a Mobile Hotspot

If restarting the internet and PlayStation doesn’t resolve the error then try using any mobile hotspot connection.

Simply create a mobile hotspot and then connect your Playstation to the hotspot connection. Then try using Playstation.

Fix 4: Go To Safe Mode And Rebuild the Database

This workaround was shared by a Playstation team on Twitter.

As this suggestion is shared by the Playstation team so we will highly recommend trying this workaround.

  • Go to Playstation safe mode.
  • Then choose the option to clear the cache and rebuild the database.
Playstation Error Code np-104602-3

Fix 5: Switch Wifi Frequency Band

  • Go to PlayStation Settings.
  • Then choose Networks.
  • Then choose Settings from the left side menu.
  • Choose Set Up Internet Connection.
  • Then right-click on your internet connection to which Playstation is connected.
  • Then choose Wifi Frequency Band.
  • Now if you have selected 2.4 GHz then choose 5 GHz. And if you have selected 5 GHz then choose 2.4 GHz.

Fix 6: Use Manual DNS 

  • Go to PlayStation Settings.
  • Then choose Networks.
  • Then Choose Settings from the left side menu.
  • Then choose Set Up Internet Connection.
  • Then right-click on your internet connection to which Playstation is connected.
  • Then choose Advanced Settings.
  • Then go to DNS Settings and choose Manual.
  • Then you can try adding Google or Cloudflare DNS.
  • And once you added the DNS, try using the Playstation.

Fix 7: Contact PlayStation

If you have tried everything we have suggested above but the error still persists then we will recommend you to get in touch with PlayStation support to ask for help.

Simply connect to PlayStation support and report to them that you are having this error. Also, don’t forget to mention all the workarounds you already have tried.


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