How To Fix Rainbow six siege error code 10-0x00000?

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Rainbow Six Siege Error Code 10-0x00000Rainbow Six Siege Error Code 10-0x00000

Rainbow Six Siege is a very intelligent game. Some players also like to think of it as a game of chess.

It is not just about shooting and killing the opponent but also about staying back and planning your moves in the better interest of your teammates.

The game was launched in the year 2015 but is still as addictive for the players as it was at the time of the launch.

There are updates on the game every quarter and the graphics become even more real.

However, there are some issues that interfere with the seemingly perfect gameplay. There are bound to be errors in the highly complex game.

However, what matters is how to understand the error code and find a way to get rid of it.

The game also has a beneficial community forum on top of the official Ubisoft support in case you encounter any issues in the game.

This article has shed light on how to fix Rainbow Six Siege error code 10-0x00000.

We will study in detail what this error code means and what are the reasons behind the error code. 

Let’s begin.

What Does error code 10-0x00000 Mean on Rainbow Six Siege?

One troublesome thing about the error codes on Rainbow Six Siege is that they are hard to remember.

Before you look for the fix to this error code, make sure that you have narrowed down and matched the error code to the last number. This will help you avoid any confusion.

So, what is the meaning of the error code 10-0x00000?

The error code 10-0x00000 occurs when the players are trying to log in or trying to access the personal information on their account. The game will not launch and if it does, you will be stuck on the menu screen. Also, the operators on the game will be unavailable making you think your character is deleted.

reasons behind the error code 10-0x00000 on Rainbow Six Siege

The error code 10-0x00000 on the game can have a lot of reasons behind it. Every player experiences it for different reasons and we will list all of them below so that it is easy for you to pick one and apply the fix according to that.

Here is the list of reasons for the error code 10-0x00000

  • There are problems with your PC
  • There are problems with your internet 
  • There are problems with the network configuration
  • Other applications on your device are interfering with the game
  • The Ubisoft servers are down.

These are some of the reasons that have been identified while researching the error code 10-0x00000 on the game.

How To Fix Rainbow six siege error code 10-0x00000?

Now let’s discuss the fixes that have helped other players to get their games back and running.

All of the fixes might not work for you so make sure to apply the fixes that seem the closest to your issue.

Fix 1: Check the Ubisoft server status

Before you start finding faults with your system, make sure that you check the Ubisoft server status.

Game servers usually run into outages due to large player volume and traffic. 

You can check the server status on the community or just through a quick Google search. If the game server is down, wait for the server to get back up.

Fix 2: Change the port on your device

There might be a network issue with the computer that many players have reported. The fix to this problem is a relatively complex one but we will list the steps here so that you do not get lost in the process.

Here is how you can forward the port on your device to solve this error.

  • Launch your Web Browser 
  • Now locate the router’s IP address
  • Go to the forwarding section
  • You will find the router’s port in the forwarding section
  • In the boxes that you find, put the device’s IP address, TCP, and UDP ports respectively
  • Now reboot the router
  • Restart the device for the effect.

Check if this solves your problem as it has been solved with many other players.

Fix 3: There are problems with your internet connection

The internet connection is a very integral part of the gameplay. If the internet connection is slow, or weak you will not be able to play the game. The game needs a very stable internet connection.

Make sure to check the upload and download speeds on your connection and compare that with the game requirements.

Fix 4: Other applications are interfering with the game

The game can also encounter the error if other programs on the PC are interfering with the processes of the game.

Open the task manager and check for the running programs. Even in the background.

If you find a heavy program running with the game, force stop the program if it is not an essential process. 

Fix 5: Clear the app cache

Device Cache is a beneficial tool when it comes to the easy launching of programs but more often than not, it comes in the category of memory-hogging problem data.

The cache often takes over the memory that is required for the functioning of the game.

Close the game and then clear the game cache and cookies. Restart the game and see if it solves the issue.

Fix 6: Restart the device

The device that you are using might have some overheating problems and might have slowed down because of it.

You can solve this easily by switching off the device and letting it cool down for a bit.

When you turn on the device after a while, it should be able to help you launch the game.

Fix 7: Contact the Ubisoft support

Ubisoft support is a very beneficial support ecosystem for all the games that they launch.

If none of these fixes make any sense to you and you are confused, contact the Ubisoft support team and they will help you with the exact solution to your problem.


The error code 10-0x00000 can cause some serious disturbances in the game but instead of giving up, there are some fixes recommended that you can try.

We have made a list of those fixes for you in this article. Hopefully, these will launch you right back into the game.

Happy Gaming!!

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