How To Fix rainbow six siege error code 4-0xfff0be25?

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Rainbow Six Siege Error Code 4-0xfff0be25

How To Fix rainbow six siege error code 4-0xfff0be25?

Rainbow Six Seige must be on your regular list of games if you are an avid gamer. The game is available on Xbox, Playstation, and also on PC. 

The versatile nature of the game has made it a fan favorite. The gameplay is advanced and the players enjoy the life-like simulation.

Ubisoft has recently hit it out of the park with its selection of the games they are releasing in the market.

If you look up the game on Google, a simple search will tell you that ninety-four percent of the people who tried the game have loved it.

Some errors regularly crop up in the game though but that is nothing unique to the highly complex games. 

All games have some errors but the online communities are so helpful in understanding the errors and what can be done to fix them.

In this article, we will discuss how to fix Rainbox Six Siege error code 4-0xfff0be25. We will discuss what exactly this error means in layman’s terms and also what can be the reasons that this error code is showing up on your gameplay.

What does rainbow six siege error code 4-0xfff0be25 mean?

Many other error codes show up more frequently on the Rainbow Six Siege and this one is a little rare but it does show up on occasion.

It is important to understand what this particular code signifies so that it becomes easier to identify the fixes and reasons.

Error code 4-0xfff0be25 on the game means that the game is having a connection issue. There can be many different markers for this error but the broad issue comes in as a connection issue.

reasons behind rainbow six siege error code 4-0xfff0be25?

Now let us make a list of the problems that can be behind the error code showing up. This list will help you identify the exact problem with your system. 

Many different reasons can explain the issue in the different user gameplays and every issue should be solved as a unique one.

The different reasons behind the error code 4-0xfff0be25 are:

  • Cookie and cache backup 
  • The rainbow six siege server is down
  • Your internet connection is faulty.
  • The DNS Cache is backed up
  • Many programs are running in the background that is competing with the resources of the computer.

These are certain reasons that the users have identified while working on the problem in the gameplay concerning the error code 4-0xfff0be25.

How To Fix rainbow six siege error code 4-0xfff0be25?

Now let’s discuss the thing that you are here for in the first place. The fixes.

We have discussed what could be the list of reasons behind the error code 4-0xfff0be25. 

By now, you might have figured out what is the issue with your situation and even if you have not yet figured it out, it will become clear as we discuss each issue in detail in this section with the fixes.

Fix 1: The internet connection you are using is faulty

The most common issue that causes the majority of errors in the programs that are dependent on a good connection to function is the internet being faulty.

There can be many reasons why your internet connection not working as efficiently as it should and this is the first thing that you should check when you see any error in the gameplay.

If you check and find out that the internet speed is low, you should take a look at the router that you are using, check the internet service provider servers are working fine, and also make sure that you are not in an area of low internet connectivity. 

When you are sure that the internet connection is not your problem, then you should move on to the other issues on the list.

Fix 2: The Game server is down

The game server is made to hook up many users at a specific time but there can be errors with the best programs in the world. This thing is not very common with the Ubisoft server but sometimes when too many players are logged in at the same time it can cause the server to crash.

Sometimes, it also happens that the server is closed for maintenance.

The solution to this is extremely simple as you do not have to take any action. The tech team solves this issue on their own when they receive complaints.

All you need to do is, perform a quick Google search to check if the server is down, and if the answer is affirmative, just wait for the resolution.

Fix 3: Cookie and cache backup

The cookies and cache sometimes do not serve the function that they are supposed to and act as counter-productive when they just backup the memory space that is needed to launch a program.

If you notice that your game is glitching, you should try to clear the cookies and cache and then restart the game. In many cases, users have seen this to work and the error is eliminated.

Fix 4: The DNS cache is backed up

One unique issue that the users have reported for this specific error code is the DNS server cache backup.

The DNS details help the network to identify the address that you are connecting from. This information is typically stored in the form of a cache and sometimes, this can be a problem. 

It is completely normal to clear the DNS cache. This will help the network to reidentify and reconnect to your device. 

It might seem very complicated and therefore, we recommend some steps that you can follow to clear the DNS cache on your system.

  • We need the Run dialogue box to start the process.
  • Press the Windows key + the R key together.
  • The Run dialogue box can be seen
  • In the Open slot, type cmd
  • Click on OK
  • This will open the command prompt window
  • There are some codes that you need to type in the sequence mentioned.
  • Enter “ipconfig/flushdns”. Press the Enter key
  • Enter “ipconfig/registerdns”. Press the Enter key
  • Enter  “ipconfig/release”. Press the Enter Key
  • Enter “ipconfig/renew”. Press the Enter key.
  • The DNS cache will be eliminated and you will be able to start fresh.

Fix 5: Many programs are running in the background

The game is a heavy piece of software and needs the maximum space on memory when it runs. If some inactive programs are running in the background, they will compete with the resources and hence you will face errors in the game.

Fix 6: Contact the support

If nothing from the above options works for you, you should contact the support on the gameplay and they will help you by creating a support ticket.

You can also raise your support questions on the user communities online where other users help you understand the problem and if they have faced the same issue. This can help you find the solutions without contacting the official support team.


It can be infuriating to get pauses in the game due to error codes when you are in the midst of an interesting game. 

The error codes all have fixes though and you can also find them without contacting the official customer support team. We have made a list of the most viable fixes for the error code 4-0xfff0be25.

We hope that this article helped get the error code eliminated and get back into the gameplay. Keep following for more technical solutions.

Happy Gaming!!

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