How To Fix Rainbow Six Siege error code 6-0x00001000?

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Rainbow Six Siege Error Code 6-0x00001000

A fast-paced action game where every decision matters. There are so many minute details added in the game that Ubisoft has managed to get a player-favorite piece of art in the gaming market.

Players who are into this game, swear by the developmental skills of the technical team handling this game.

Some users have gone as far as saying that the graphics are so authentic it feels almost like a simulation. If this is not a compliment to the skills of the game developers, we do not know what else is.

There are however some errors in the game that will kick you off the game and you will think about what went wrong.

Thankfully, for scenarios like this, the developmental team has assigned different error codes to the issues you might face during gameplay. You just need to follow the error code to learn what can be done to fix the problem at hand.

In this article, the point of discussion is how to fix Rainbow Six Siege error code 6-0x00001000.

We will take a look at what the player manual conveys about this error code and what are the reasons behind the same. So, let’s get the guns out and nip this error code from the root.

What does the error code 6-0x00001000 mean on Rainbow Six Siege?

We cannot keep referring to the complicated name of the error code every time we encounter it. We need to go into the depth of what this assigned error code means and what system failure is it referring to.

If you experience the error code  6-0x00001000 on Rainbow Six Siege, it is an indicator of the connection to the matchmaking service being timed out.

This is what you will read on the official support website as well. This is an indicator of underlying connectivity issues on the device that you are using to play the game.

Reasons Behind Rainbow Six Siege error code 6-0x00001000

The error code 6-0x00001000 on Rainbox Six siege is an indicator that your internet connection is not appropriate for the game run.

The matchmaking service needs to be connected for you to play a match in the game. This needs a stable connection which you might not have.

There might be several reasons behind the connection issues. Some of them are

  • Your Internet Service Provider is not providing a stable connection.
  • Your network hardware needs a reset
  • You are not using a wired connection
  • There are some software conflicts on your device
  • DNS Cache is building up interrupting your connection.
  • The Hosts file needs to be reset.
  • Your Xbox Account is unable to connect to the matchmaking service.
  • The Rainbox Six Siege server is down

These are some of the reasons that make sense when you think about connectivity issues. We will discuss them in the next section in detail where we talk about the fixes.

How To Fix error code 6-0x00001000 on Rainbox Six Siege?

The error code  6-0x00001000 on Rainbow Six Siege is a connection-related issue where you have to get back to the matchmaking service in order to play the game.

We have made a list of issues that might be behind the connectivity issue on the game. We will discuss them further in this section along with the fixes that you can use to get rid of them.

Fix 1: Take a look at your internet connection 

Your internet connection needs to be far more stable when you are playing a game that is totally dependent on its connection to the server. 

It is not enough to just have an internet connection, you need to have a speed that is optimal for the gameplay.

In this case, you should Google a simple internet speed detecting tool that will help you in understanding the download and upload speed on your internet connection.

Some tools may also tell you the limitations that you will face due to the speed of your internet connection.

Even if you feel that you have a stable internet connection, still check the speed of the connection when you first see this error code.

Fix 2: Your network hardware needs a reset

By network hardware, we are referring to the modem and router that you are using to connect to the internet.

Sometimes, when these devices face a bug in the system, they need to be rebooted or reset in order to get connected to the internet again.

The modem and the router also need to have access to regular updates for the firmware. If these updates are not provided, the network hardware will not function to its maximum potential.

This means that you might be able to perform relatively easy internet browsing but heavy functions like playing a game connected to the internet server will not be available.

If you feel that you are not able to solve the issue with your network hardware through an update, you can reset the devices and then take a look at the connection.

Fix 3: The Rainbow Six Siege Server is down

Sometimes, there is a user volume issue. So many users connect to the server at once and the server shuts down temporarily.

Sometimes, the server is shut down for maintenance.

In either case, there is nothing you can do except wait for the issue to get resolved. The technical team in these cases is more concerned about the issue and you can be sure that the issue will be solved as fast as possible.

To make sure that a server issue is causing the error, you can Google a simple Down detector tool to take a look at the server status, or if you are active in player communities, you will get to know about this through discussion.

Fix 4: Check for updates on the game

It is very important that you are playing the game on the latest update. If you are using an older version of the game, you are running a risk of your game not being recognized by the server.

There are additional risks of system bugs and malicious attacks as well.

When you encounter this error code, make sure to check if you are on the latest updated version of the game.

Turn on auto-updates if possible.

Fix 5: Your Xbox account is not recognized by the server

Sometimes, the matchmaking service will fail to recognize the account that you used to sign into the game.

This issue is common when you are using the Xbox to play Rainbow Six Siege. 

To solve this issue, you can make a new profile, and usually, this helps players get back into the game.

Fix 6: There is a software conflict 

Sometimes programs on your device compete with each other for resources and one program may stop another from starting up or performing.

This is also possible when you are trying to play this game and you will experience error code  6-0x00001000.

When you encounter this error, check all the running processes in the background. If some other software is taking a lot of memory while playing the game, force stop that program unless it is an essential system process.

This might solve the issue you are facing.

Fix 7: Clear DNS Cache

Sometimes, the DNS Cache build-up on the device may lead to the server not being able to identify your DNS address.

If this happens, you will be kicked off the game.

Make sure that you clear the DNS Cache or perform a DNS Flush to re-establish the connection with the matchmaking service.

Fix 8: Change the NAT settings on the console

This solution is only applicable if you are playing the game on a console. The NAT settings signify the Network Adress Translation that helps the console to establish an internet connection with the servers.

If the NAT Settings are not configured correctly, you might face issues with the internet connection on your console and hence you will not be able to play the game.

Here is how you can configure the NAT settings

  • Open the Settings on your console
  • Select Network Settings
  • Navigate to the NAT settings
  • If the NAT settings are set to Strict, set them to Open
  • Save Changes

Relaunch the game and check if this solves your issue.

Fix 9: Contact Ubisoft Support

Ubisoft has a great support system when it comes to solving player issues. They have a great technical team to handle the support.

If you cannot make sense of any of the solutions mentioned above, you can contact Ubisoft support and they will guide you with the best available solutions for your issue.

To Conclude

Error code 6-0x00001000 on Rainbow Six Siege is a connection issue that stops you from establishing a connection to the matchmaking server. This means that you might be kicked off the game during a match and we all know how frustrating that can get.

We have made a list of solutions that can help you get back in the game. Hopefully, this article provided you with a better insight into the game. 

Happy Gaming!!

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