How To Fix Rec Room Error Code 8707?

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Error Code 8707 in the Rec Room indicates a connection issue. If the problem is not with your internet connection, it’s likely that the Rec Room servers are experiencing downtime or are overwhelmed with users. To resolve the error, begin by checking your internet connection.

The error says

8707 – An unexpected network error occurred.

Rec Room Error Code 8707

How To Fix Rec Room Error Code 8707?

Fix 1: Power Cycle The Router

Most probably it’s your internet connection that is causing the error so first restart your internet and then check for the error.

  • Quit the Rec Room.
  • Then Power off your router by unplugging the power cord from the wall outlet.
  • Now Wait for around 1 to 2 minutes.
  • Then Power on the router.
  • Once your device is reconnected to the internet try using Rec Room.

Fix 2: Perform An Internet Speed Test

The next thing you should try is to test your internet speed.

Simply visit any internet speed test website, and test your internet speed.

If your internet speed is slow then contact your ISP.

Fix 3: Try Using Any Alternate Internet Connection

If your internet speed is good but the error is still coming then try using the Rec Room with any mobile hotspot or use any alternate wifi connection.

Fix 4: Rec Room Server Down

If the error still persists then check the Rec Room server status.

At this stage, the main possibility for the error is the Rec Room servers. Whether they are down for maintenance or flooded with users.

To check Rec Room’s status you can visit their Twitter account. Look for the recent tweets to check if there is any update about server issues or maintenance.

Rec Room also updates the users about their server outage/maintenance on Discord, so also check there.

If you find any issues with the Rec Room servers then wait for some hours and then try again.

Fix 5: Contact Rec Room

If there is no news about any server outage or maintenance then you should consider contacting Rec Room support.


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