How To Redeem HDFC Credit Card Reward Points to Cash?

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Last Updated on February 10, 2023

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Credit Cards are much more than the Credit which you can utilize now and pay later. It comes with so many offers and Rewards which actually makes them super lucrative. Each and Every Card comes with fancy offers on Shopping, Online purchases, Dining, Movie and Travels.

How To Redeem HDFC Credit Card Reward Points to Cash

These Offers and Rewards are the best part of Credit Cards but they are redeemed as Vouchers during Purchases.

What if we can turn all of our Points and Rewards of Credit Cards into Cash. If this excites you then certainly this Article is for you. Here we will learn how we can actually convert HDFC credit card reward points to cash.

How to Convert HDFC Rewards Points into Cash.

  • Open HDFC website.
  • Log in to HDFC Netbanking.
  • Now Click on Cards.
  • Go to enquire.
  • Tap Redeem Rewards Points.
  • Select the Card and click proceed ahead.
  • Wait till it bring you to Redemption Portal.
  • Now click on Redeem Rewards Points.
  • Then Click on Cash Redemption.
  • Fill your Details and click enter to proceed.
  • The Cash Credit will be Credited in your account within “7 Working days”.

Note: The minimum Redemption amount has to be Rs. 500 and convenience fee would be Rs. 99 just like SBI Cards.

Is it Great to Convert Points to Cash?

Converting Points to cash is not an Ideal option as it slashes the value to 50% of what it is. But it is fine to have both as Users get multiple options to use their hard earned Rewards.

This option comes as a blessing for those who don’t travel much or spend on online purchases. They can Convert the Points to use for their important expenditures.

Another reason to convert Points into cash is, if your Vouchers are expiring and you don’t have any plan of traveling or Shopping than converting it cash will credit them in your Account which you can use anytime.

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