How To Fix Rinnai Error Code 10?

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Rinnai Error Code 10

Rinnai heaters have been in business for around a century. Not only do they have access to the most convenient routes of the trade but they also have the luxury to add modern developments to the same.

This is why heaters have been relevant for such a long period of time and most likely will be in the future too.

There are certain issues that you might face with the heater but the Rinnai team has got you covered as they have any issue that you might face with the heater coded into error codes. 

There are also suggested fixes available on the official website for each error code.

In this blog, we will bring all the information related to how to fix Rinnai error code 10 in one place.

This error code shows up when there is an issue with the air intake on the heater or the device is dealing with some blockage.

We will discuss the issues behind it as well as the fixes that might help you get rid of the error code.

All that and more, in the next section.

How to solve the error code 10 on Rinnai?

The error code 10 on the Rinnai heater might be an issue with the air intake, vents, and heater machinery.

There is really no way to put a finger on exactly where the issue lies. This is why it is important to discuss all the possibilities for the error code.

Fix 1: Check the venting system for any blockages

The venting system on the heater could end up with blockages due to debris. You can check for this by opening up the machinery and looking for any debris in the venting system.

If you regularly clean up the machinery, you can avoid the issue from occurring in the future. Make sure that you unplug the machine before you open it up to avoid any safety hazards.

Fix 2: The venting system is congested

Make sure that the venting system and the actual outlet vents have a place to breathe. If the venting system is congested, the heater machinery will not be allowed proper ventilation.

With improper ventilation, the heater will not be able to function as the flow of air is one of the most important things to get the heating system to work.

Fix 3: The fan motor is clogged

The fan motor is also an important part of the venting system for the Rinnai heater. It makes an important contribution to cooling down the heater so that the machinery itself does not get overheated.

If the fan motor has debris in it, it will cause issues with the venting system and can also cause the heater machinery to overheat.

This can be the cause of the malfunctioning of the device and cause the error code 10.

Fix 4: The copper fins have buildup

The copper fins of the heater machinery could form a buildup of debris. With regular exposure to moisture, there could also be corrosion for the copper fins. This corrosion could also cause buildup.

When you open the heater and take a look at the issue, also look at the copper fins to find any buildup.

Fix 5: Check the gas pressure for the heater

There is a certain threshold for the gas pressure on the heater. If the heater does not have gas pressure set correctly, the heater will not function.

Check the gas pressure and look up the specifications of the model of your Rinnai heater from the user manual. You can also check this online. Make sure that the gas pressure matches the specifications.

Fix 6: There are insects in the heater manifold

The insects can find places to squeeze into the machinery and this can also cause blockages in the heater machinery.

This mostly happens with the heater manifold because that is an easy place to squeeze in for the insects. Open the machinery and look for insects. Remove any if found and close the unnecessary gaps in the machinery so that the insects cannot re-enter.

Also, make sure that you do not seal the gaps for ventilation.

Fix 7: The intake pipe has collapsed form sealant

The form sealant is an important part of the intake point machinery. If the form sealant is collapsed, it will cause leakages in the heater machinery.

This is a problem with the heater that can be a little hard to catch. This is because even if you decide to open the machinery and check, looking at the intake pipe will be the last thought on your mind.

Now that you know, take a look at the form sealant. Get it changed if it is collapsed.

Fix 8: Contact an experienced technician from Rinnai support

Call the Rinnai support team. They have a great support system with technicians on call who can help you in case you cannot get to the bottom of the issue.

It is great to ask for help in cases you cannot understand what to do. Even better if your device is under warranty. The warranty will help you avail free or discounted repairs.

If you do not want to contact the support team, you can also contact a plumber who is experienced in heaters.

To conclude

Error code 10 on the Rinnai heater is related to the issue with mostly the venting system on the heater.

We have mentioned the fixes that you can try on your own before you contact the support team. However, if you feel that it is too complicated, we will suggest that you contact a technician.

We hope that it was helpful. Keep following for more technical advice.

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