How To Fix Roblox error code 285?

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Roblox error code 285

Roblox is one of those platforms that are popular even after lacking polish. The graphics of the games on the platform are amateurish at best.

Still, not only children but even adults find the platform irresistible. Maybe because this channels and promotes the creative energy from the users in the form of user-generated content. People feel included and this is what makes the platform attractive.

Whatever might be the unique selling point of the platform, we cannot turn our attention from the fact that you are a frequent visitor of the error code resolution pages for Roblox if you use the platform

Letting the users put up their content on the platform also leads to various developmental issues and bugs which you see in the form of the error codes on the platform.

In this article, we will discuss Roblox error code 285. There are many details to discuss in the process which underline the meaning of this error code, why this error code occurs as well as what are the fixes that have helped the other players eliminate the error code.

So, let’s develop the answers to these questions.

What is the meaning of the error code 285 on Roblox?

The error code is an important component to understand what is the exact issue. When you see the error code 285, you should know what you are dealing with and the first step towards that is deciphering the meaning of the error code.

Error code 285 on Roblox means that there has been a system malfunction.

There can be different kinds of system malfunction pertaining to the component of the system that is not working as it should.

We will discuss these different malfunctions in the next section where we discuss the reasons for this error code.

Why are you witnessing the error code 285 on Roblox?

There is no single reason that can explain the error code 285 on each user system. There are many different system malfunctions covered under this error code and we need to make a list of the possible suspects in order to figure out the issue that we are facing.

Here are the different reasons that could be behind error code 285 on Roblox

  • The software on your system was not installed properly.
  • There was an improper system shutdown
  • The Roblox server is down
  • There is an issue with the DNS configuration on your device
  • There is a device glitch

These are some of the identified causes of the error code 285 on Roblox.

How To Fix Roblox error code 285?

Now that we know what kind of malfunctions can cause the flashing of the error code 285 on Roblox, let us try the fixes that the users have suggested to get rid of the error code.

Here is how you can get rid of the error code 285 or Client Initiated Disconnect error on Roblox.

Fix 1: The software on your device was not installed correctly

If the installation of the software on your device does not take place properly, then the game files that are locally stored on the computer can get corrupted.

This will lead to errors in the gameplay as the corrupt files will not be able to maintain a connection to the server or conduct the functions that they were downloaded on the device for.

If this is the issue, you can check the integrity of the game files to replace them or the easier option is to uninstall the game and clear the remaining data.

Now download a fresh copy of the software again. This will remove any corrupt files on the system.

Fix 2: There was an improper system shutdown

If the device that you are using was recently powered off suddenly due to a power outage or some manhandling, many programs on the device might have been affected.

This might have also led to the Roblox game files getting compromised.

The solution again is the same as above. Either check the integrity of the game files and replace the broken ones or replace all the files at once through a fresh re-install of the game files.

Fix 3: The Roblox server is down

If the Roblox server is down, it will not let you connect to your progress in the game, and access to the platform will be lost.

This can happen due to a lot of players logging in at the same time leading to server overload. This can also be initiated by the company itself for maintenance.

There is an easy way to check for this. A simple Google search online for the server status will lead you to down detector websites that decide on the basis of user reports if a particular server is down.

If the Roblox server is down, you have to wait for the developers to take charge and bail you out of the situation.

Fix 4: There is an issue with the DNS configuration on your device.

The DNS configuration of your device is important for the identification of the device when you log on to internet platforms.

If you have messed up your DNS configuration, you might face problems on different platforms. 

You can fix this by logging into the DNS settings on your device and setting the DNS configuration to custom.

Sometimes, this instantly solves the problem for players.

Fix 5: Your device is glitching

Troubles with the proper functioning of the device that you are using might be a major factor in the platform functionality as well. 

The minor device glitches can be solved through a simple power cycle while the major ones will need technical assistance if you are playing on the PC.

Do not try to mess with the settings on your Windows if you do not have much technical knowledge and cannot navigate the issues that might present themselves.

Fix 6: Contact the Support team

As a last resort, if nothing has worked for you, it is time to contact the player support team at Roblox.

You can also choose to raise a query on the player forums that are present in case you need help navigating the platform. The player support can give you answers on the basis of developmental issues and this can be really helpful in solving deeper issues.


There are many errors on the platform Roblox but what matters is an easy and timely resolution of the error code without having to visit a hundred help pages.

This is exactly what we have tried to do for you in this article by putting together all the resources that are available for this error code.

Hopefully, this got you back into the game on Roblox. Keep following for more technical content.

Happy Gaming!!

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