How To Fix Roblox error code 771?

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Roblox error code 771

There is a certain appeal to the Roblox games that you won’t get unless you start playing the games and experience the world itself.

Usually, the platform is really popular with the kids but there are many adult players that find themselves lured to the platform as well.

You will notice that this is not the best platform if you are looking for great graphics and intense gameplay.

But that is because this platform also features user-generated content. 

Letting users control the development of random games on the platform seems good on paper but when it is turned into reality, some major drawbacks come to light.

These can range from major glitches in the game to really unpolished graphics. However, this does not stop the lovers of the platform from still going online and playing.

Hence, there are different error codes that the Roblox team has issued in order to get back into the gameplay if you are kicked out due to some glitch or error.

This article talks about how to fix Roblox error code 771. 

We will also take a look at the exact meaning of this error code as well as what are the reasons behind the error code.

Let’s start!!

What does the error code 771 mean in Roblox gameplay?

If you are playing a game on Roblox that allows you to teleport to another section, you are one of the players that might face this issue.

The error code 771 on Roblox only affects the games that allow you to teleport out of approximately 40 million games that the platform houses.

The error code 771 does not flash in isolation. There is a line that reads teleport failed. 

Hence, the error code 771 on Roblox indicates that the game or part of the platform you want to teleport to is either no longer available or is restricted to access.

This is the exact explanation that you will also find on the official Roblox support website.

What are the reasons behind the error code 771?

The error code 771 may not be the gravest error that you face on Roblox gameplay but it can still be very infuriating to encounter when you can not make out heads and tails of why this is happening to you all of a sudden.

There is not one reason that can explain the error code for each player and there is a list of reasons that might be behind the error code.

Here is why you might be witnessing error code 771 on Roblox.

  • There is a DNS cache buildup on your device.
  • The page or game on Roblox that you want to access is no longer available.
  • Server is unavailable.
  • You have been offline for a while and therefore, your command is not recognized.

These are the reasons that have been identified when finding out about the causes of this error in different situations.

How To Fix Roblox error code 771?

Now that we are in the know about what needs to be fixed due to the list of reasons that we made in the earlier section, we are better equipped to deal with the solutions.

In this section, we will explore the problems in detail and try to apply the fixes that have worked for the other users.

Fix 1: Check your internet connection

This is the base of all the problems with the platforms that need constant internet access. We know that this seems trivial right now but whenever you encounter an error code with internet-powered platforms, take a look at your internet connection.

Check with the help of internet speed meters available for free on the internet if your internet speed is optimal for connection to servers.

Fix 2: Clear the DNS Cache buildup on the device and also reset the Winsock catalog

DNS cache buildup can cause errors in the identification of the addresses that you are trying to connect to the server from.

In this case, you can try to clear the DNS cache on the system. This has helped many users and might be of great help to you too.

Here is how you can clear the DNS cache while also resetting the Winsock catalog

  • Open the Run dialog box
  • Type cmd in the Run dialog box and press Enter
  • The Command Prompt will open
  • Type into the command prompt- netsh Winsock reset
  • Press Enter
  • Now type ipconfig /flushdns and press enter
  • The Winsock catalog will now be reset.

Fix 3: Change the DNS Records

Changing the DNS records is also an option for solving this error code if the problem is with the DNS identification.

Here is how you can proceed with changing the DNS records.

  • Open the Network and Sharing center
  • On the left part of the window, click on the option Change Adapter Settings
  • Find the network that you are using from the list of available networks.
  • Right-click on the network that you are using to reveal options for the network
  • Click on Properties
  • Find the Internet Protocol Version 4 and click on it
  • Click on the Properties for internet protocol version 4
  • In the preferred DNS dialog box, type
  • In the alternate DNS dialog box, type
  • Press OK to save the settings

This should change the DNS records for the device.

Fix 4: The Roblox server is unavailable

This error code can also be displayed when the Roblox server is out of commission. The server may be down due to huge player volume that is weighing down on the server or the server might be down for maintenance purposes.

You can make sure of this by conducting a simple Google search or asking in the player communities.

This is however an issue that only the technical team handling the Roblox server can work on and you will need to be patient after submitting a support request.

Fix 5: You have asked to be teleported to a section that is no longer available

The Roblox server has so many games and sections that are generated by the users. This usually leads to the formation of pages that become obsolete due to inactivity or glitches. Hence, when you will ask for being teleported to a page that is obsolete, you will get the error code 771 displayed.

This is not an ideal situation but if the section or game does not exist, you will not be able to find a fix.

Fix 6: You have been offline for a while and the command that you entered is not recognized

If you go inactive or offline for a long period of time, sometimes the commands that you will enter might b=not be recognized by the servers.

To solve this problem, you can wait and relaunch the game or raise a support request to the technical team for more help.

Fix 7: Contact Roblox support

For all the cases in which you are not able to find a fix to your problem, you need to contact the Roblox support team.

They are experts at dealing with the different errors on player devices and can guide you in the right direction by giving your technical advice

You can also ask your query in the player communities if you do not want to contact the support team just yet.


The Roblox error code 771 is a teleportation denied error. We have researched the experiences of other players with this error code and the fixes that have helped them get back into the game.

We hope that this condensed information was able to get you back in the game.

Happy Gaming!!

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