How to Fix Rockstar GTA V Error Code 1000.50 on Steam?

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Rockstar GTA V Error Code 1000.50 on Steam

If you are using a Windows system, and trying to launch GTA V on the Social Club Launcher with Steam. Then, chances are that the following Error Code 1000.50 may show up on your screen at some point in time.

But, since you are already here reading the following article on, “How to Fix Rockstar GTA V Error Code 1000.50 on Steam?”. I believe you must have already come across the following error and are looking for ways to solve it.

Well, for everything related to the Error Code 1000.50 on GTA V. I believe the following article should be your one stop solution. From causes causing the particular error to solutions necessary to solve it, have all been covered in the following article.

Reasons Behind Rockstar GTA V Error Code 1000.50 on Steam

Upon doing our own inspection and research, what we found in common with most users reporting the Error Code 1000.50 while trying to play GTA V on Steam, was the use of a system running on Windows OS.

Here, it may be noted that it does not matter which version of Windows OS you may be using. The error is actually true for almost all the versions. From Windows 7 to Windows 10, this error could be seen occurring for all the versions.

Hence, it can be assumed that the error itself is mostly inclined or can be found more common in Windows systems than others. 

However, that does not mean that the fault lies entirely on Windows OS. Other factors too, are equally responsible for such an error to occur on your systems and may be as follows:

Reason 1: Game Server Issues

Any kind of issue or problem with game servers can give rise to such errors on your game screens. If that is the case then, there is actually nothing much you can do, but just wait and see for them to fix the problem on their end. 

Once the bug or error has been taken care of by Rockstar itself. You should be able to enjoy your game thereafter.

Reason 2: Steam Glitch 

While playing games online as well as offline, there may be instances when certain files, processes or folders may get corrupted or face a glitch.

In such cases, errors such as the Error Code 1000.50 too may show up asking for you to either kill all the process instances of the particular game or fix them, so that you can resume back to playing the game as usual. 

Reason 3: Disabled or no admin access

Although, this might not be true for all. There have been reports however, that missing admin rights or access to Social Club may also add up in such an error to occur. If that is the case, then simply launching Steam as admin should help resolve the issue.

Reason 4: Issue with your network device or network

Errors arising from network issues are nothing new. Even in the case of playing games online, if an issue with the network or connectivity arises.

It may lead to errors such as Error Code 1000.50 showing up on your game screens more often than you would expect. 

For such cases, it would be best that you first try to solve the network and connectivity issues on your system and see whether that helps solve the error code 1000.50 on GTA V for Steam.

Reason 5: Corrupted game files

Errors such as the one we have in hand today might also occur when game files get corrupted while or after installation.

Corrupted game files are often responsible for games to crash abruptly and display such error messages while trying to launch such games.

Hence, it is very important that you try and fix the game files first to prevent not only the Error Code 1000.50 from occurring but any other errors too in such cases.

How To fix GTA V Error Code 1000.50 on Steam?

Now, that you have read and understood some of the common and primary causes responsible for the Error Code 1000.50 to show up.

Let us next have a look at what are some of the respective solutions out there needed to solve the issues which as a result should help fix the error.

Fix 1: Check Server Status

The very first and foremost thing you must do to start off with the troubleshooting process is to check whether the game servers are running properly or not.

Doing this will help avoid us from wasting any unnecessary time and energy in trying out the other fixes on the list we have with us here today. 

If there is any issue or fault at the game’s server end. Then, there is actually nothing much we can do at our end. But, just wait it out till the maintenance team fixes the issue at the server’s end. 

All we can do here however, is check for the Server Status and see whether it is healthy or not. 

Now, to check whether the game servers are running fine or not. You can simply head to the following website, Rockstar Games Service Status, and see the status of server health for each Rockstar games as well as platforms as can be seen in the screenshot provided below.

As you most probably can make out from the screenshot above. When the servers are working fine, then the bullet indicator before the device or service listed below the games will be green. 

However, if a server is not working properly or is running on limited resources. Then, that will be represented by a red or yellow colored indicator respectively.

Fix 2: Ending Processes 

If you have ever killed or stopped a task, process or program in Task Manager. Then, this step shouldn’t be something new for you. 

As mentioned in the causes section above. There may be times when a running program might stop abruptly due to some system malfunction or program glitches. 

Hence, in such cases. It may be necessary that we completely kill or end the hung program completely with the help of Task Manager.

However, for those of you who are not very familiar with what Task Manager is or how you can use it to kill a particular program, which in our case would be the Steam Client Bootstrapper. You can do it easily, by following the steps as shown below.

  • Firstly, press and hold on the Ctrl + Shift + ESC button to launch Task Manager.
  • Here, if your Task Manager opens up in a simple format as shown in the picture below. Then, you will need to click on the More Details option below to open up the Advanced sections. 
  • Then, from the list of programs, browse down and find the Steam Client Bootstrapper process. 
  • Right-click on it and click on the End Task option.
  • If there are any other apps or processes running that may be associated with Steam or GTA V. You may end them as well, the same way. 
  • After all the processes associated with Steam and GTA V have been ended. Try restarting your Windows PC and launch the game through Steam to see if the error still persists.

Fix 3: Launching Steam as Administrator

Sometimes, if the error is caused due to an admin access issue. Then, trying to launch the game as an administrator might help solve it.

Although, this is not a permanent solution. You can use it to launch and play the game, until future updates and patches help the game fix the issue by itself. 

Now, to launch and run the game as an admin. You can follow the steps as shown below:

  • Go to the Steam launcher app and right-click on it.
  • Then, from the drop down menu list. Click on the Run as Administrator option. 
  • After launching Steam as Admin, check whether the error still persists while trying to log in to your game. 

Fix 4: Resetting Network Device

If the issue lies within your network connectivity or network devices. Then, simply running a reset on all your devices and checking for any loose connection within your router or modem should help solve the issue. 

Now, the way you go on resetting your router or modem devices may be different from one another, depending upon what version or brand you are using. 

Hence, it is a good idea to just google out the steps needed to reset your network device based on which version, model or brand you are using. 

Once you have however, successfully reset your network device. You should try launching the game with steam and see whether the game still persists.

Fix 5: Restarting Steam Service Client

Now this method, you could say, is quite similar to the Task Kill method you had seen earlier. However, the steps here might be a little different. 

To stop and restart Steam Service Client with the Service Management Console, you will need to follow the steps as shown below.

  • Firstly, go to the search bar and type in Run.
  • Next once the Run app comes up in the result. Click and launch it.
  • Then, in the text box type in services.msc and click on the OK button as shown below.
  • After you have opened the Service management console, go to the right pane side and browse down to find the Steam Client Service process. 
  • Once you find it, right-click on it and click on the Stop option from the drop down menu list. 
  • Then, once again right-click on the Steam Client Service process and select the Start option. 
  • Go to properties next, by right-clicking on the same Steam Client Service process and selecting the properties option.
  • Inside the Properties box, go to the General tab and change the Startup type to Automatic and Apply the changes. 
  • Lastly, try launching the game with Steam again and see if the error still persists.

Fix 6: Verifying Integrity and Re-installing the Game if necessary

This is a method, with the help of which you can actually check whether there are any corrupt files or instances within the installed files and repair them automatically while doing so. 

So, to run an integrity operation for your GTA game. You can follow the steps as shown below.

  • Launch the Steam app interface as Administrator and go to the Library menu under categories.
  • Then, right-click on GTA V and select the Properties option from the drop-down menu list. 
  • Inside the Properties box, go to the Local Files tab section and click on the Verify Integrity of Game Files… option.
  • Once, the operation is successfully finished. Try launching the game again via steam and see whether the error has been solved.

If running an Integrity operation, does not seem to do the trick. Then, you can also try Uninstalling and Reinstalling both Steam as well as GTA V completely to see if the problem can be resolved that way.


So, in this way by understanding the root causes of the error as well as implementing the respective solutions. You should be able to solve the issue on your own and get back to enjoying GTA V on Steam online, like how you used to. 

Although, all the troubleshooting fixes mentioned above should help you solve the issue on your own. If for some reason however, you are unable to fix the error even after having tried out all the solutions. You might want to contact Social Club or Steam’s official helpdesk to ask them for their expert help. 

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