How To Fix if Roku TV is stuck on the red screen?

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There are many internet streaming box services in the market to choose from. The service that is one of the most popular ones and enjoys a huge chunk of market share is Roku.

If you have also purchased a Roku device for your TV to stream high-quality internet streaming, you are now a part of the Roku community.

All is not rosy and shiny with the device in question though. There are many users in the Roku community that regularly experience technical glitches which cause their device to not function at its full potential.

This is where the Roku online community proves most beneficial. You can address your issues in the online community and if your issue is pretty common, you will find tried and tested solutions on the community forum. 

Even if your issue is new, you can still find help with it in the community.

One common issue that many users are facing with their Roku device is, the device getting stuck on a red screen. This can be a really infuriating issue when you are just trying to enjoy some quality time and it is wasted looking for solutions to fix the problem.

If you are also bothered by the question of How to fix if the Roku TV is stuck on the red screen, you are at the right place. We have made a list of the potential reasons why this may happen and also included detailed solutions so that you can get your device running in no time.

Potential Reasons for Roku TV getting stuck at the red screen

Technology always comes with its own share of glitches and if your device has a glitch, worry not, you are not alone. Chances are that the same problems have been faced by others. It is however very important to understand the root cause of a problem before you can begin to solve it.

Therefore, in this section, we will explore the potential reasons that your Roku TV may not move forward from the red screen.

Reason 1: Internet connection issues

Whenever you are working with a device that needs an active internet connection to run, you will always run into the possibility of having connection issues.

This is the most common and simple issue that can be solved just by disconnecting and reconnecting the device to the internet service. 

At a first glance, it may seem like you do not have any connection issues because the other devices connected to your Wifi might be working properly but there still might be an individual issue with the Roku TV device. It is important that you rule out this possibility before you look for other solutions.

Reason 2: Update Problems

It is highly possible that the version of Roku that you are using is not updated and this can cause your device to malfunction.

With the advancements in technology, it is important to update your device regularly so that it can cope with the updated services that you are trying to access through the device.

Regular updates provide the necessary accommodations for the newer versions of the software and also provide immunity against the newly found bugs.

It is also possible that you have no idea that your device is not updated as you might have turned the automatic updates off unintentionally.

Reason 3: Software Bugs

There are many bugs that can get into the software of the device that you are using and the developers are always trying to fix the common bugs that are reported.

Some of these bugs cause seemingly harmless actions like buffering or slowing down your software but some other bugs can cause serious issues like the screen getting stuck in a limbo and not working at all.

The bugs can sometimes be cleared with simple updates and reset but sometimes you may need professional help if the issue becomes serious.

Reason 4: Device heating

There are many devices that are set up in the wrong manner at your house and you may not even notice it unless you get to experience the heating issues.

The vents of the devices that run for long periods of time, should not be covered. This can cause the device to stop working temporarily or permanently depending on the damage inflicted.

Maybe the device that you are using is overheated and this can be easily found out by checking the temperature of the device by feeling it.

Reason 5: Power Supply Problems

There is an option to connect the Roku TV device to your Tv directly with the use of a USB cable. This can look like a good and convenient option at first but the device will be unable to get the power it requires to run. Therefore, you should connect the device to a proper power supply outlet of its own.

Reason 6: Faulty HDMI Connection

If the HDMI connection that you are using for your Roku TV is faulty, you will face trouble in using your device. One such trouble can be Roku Tv getting stuck on the red screen.

Reason 7: Hardware Problems

If none of the other reasons make sense in your case then the possibility is your device hardware is at fault. It is very rare that you can solve the hardware issues on your own without help from a professional.

It is also very important that you do not try to meddle with the device hardware without having in-depth knowledge about the same. In these cases, you will need to shell out some money and hire a professional as the last resort.

How To Fix If Roku TV is stuck on the red screen?

Now that we have taken a look at all the problems that may cause your Roku TV to be stuck on a red screen, it is now time to explore the solutions for the problems mentioned.

Fix 1: Internet Connection issues

If you feel like you have a stable internet connection and this is not what your issue is, you must still try this solution at the very beginning.

It is important to rule this option out before you try other time-consuming solutions and it will be really frustrating if the issue was internet connection all along.

Disconnect the Roku TV device from the internet and then try connecting it once again. If this works, great. If it does not work, then it is time to explore other solutions.

Fix 2: Update Problems

Now check that your device is updated with the latest software. If the device is not updated with the current software, the device will be vulnerable to various bugs.

If you find out that an update has solved your problem, you need to also check if the auto-updates on your device are on. This will make sure that you do not encounter this issue in the future.

Here is how you can update the device.

  • On the Roku TV remote, press the Home button.
  • Select the Settings option
  • Navigate to System and press OK
  • Press for System Update
  • If you want to manually check for updates, click on Check now
  • You will see all the updates that your device is missing and then it will be updated to the latest version.

Fix 3: Software Bugs

If you feel like the device that you have is encountering some software bugs, you can try to reboot or reset your device and that may be able to get your device running. If the reboot and rest do not help, you can report the issue to the Roku community and get help there.

Here is how you can reset and reboot your device.


  • Fish out your remote and press the Home Button Five times.
  • Now press the Up arrow.
  • Find the rewind button and press it twice.
  • Now press the Fast Forward button twice
  • This will cause the system to restart 

This may help you get your system back on track.

 Hard Reset

  • To hard reset your Roku TV device, you need to locate the reset button on your device. 
  • Find the pinhole button and use a paperclip or the pin that you usually use to help eject a sim card tray.
  • Press the button and hold for at least 30 seconds.
  • This will hard reset your Roku TV device and you will need to adjust it according to your requirements from scratch.

You should only use the hard reset option when you do not have any other options available because this gets the device back to the same state as it was when you first got it. All your preferences and accommodations will be deleted.

Fix 4: Device heating

If your device is not set up in the correct manner, it will cause you thermal problems. Overheating of the device due to the vents being covered, will lead to the malfunctioning of your device.

However, this has an easy solution. Make sure that your device has room for the vents and that there is no reason for it to get overheated. This way your problem will be nipped in the bud if you act from the start.

Fix 5: Power Supply Problems

As discussed above,  connecting the Roku TV to your TV device with just a USB cable will not provide it with the power that is needed to run the device efficiently.

At a glance, it may seem like the device is getting enough power because it may still get turned on and function for a while but you will face a lot of problems in the long run like the device getting stuck on the red welcome screen.

The simple solution to this problem is to connect your device to a legitimate power source that is isolated and can provide the power needed for your Roku device to function properly.

Fix 6: Faulty HDMI Connection

If the HDMI connection of your Roku Tv device is faulty, the problem is easy to solve. Remove the HDMI cable that you have in the connection and try a different input source. If the device starts up, you know what the issue was in the first place.

Fix 7: Hardware issues

Unfortunately, if there is some problem with the hardware of your device, you will not be able to solve the problem on your own.

You will need to call a professional for help and in dire cases also contact the company so that they can provide you with a solution or a replacement if you are eligible for the same.

If you feel like there is a serious hardware issue with your Roku TV, then you should never try to solve it on your own because you may get it even more damaged in the hopes of making it better.

Fix 8: Contact the Customer Support

When you buy popular devices in the market, the good part is having a dedicated customer support team that can help you if something goes wrong. If no solution seems to be working for you, the only resort you will be left with is to contact customer support.

This is actually great because they deal with such problems on a daily basis and hence, can suggest better solutions than the internet.

You may also get help with the device hardware problems and the replacement warranties on your device.

To Conclude

There are many solutions that you can find on the internet including this blog. We have tried to include the most relevant and safe solutions on the internet sourced from the experiences other Roku users have had with their devices. 

However, if you are not sure about any of the solutions stated above then you should absolutely look into contacting a professional. It is always better to stay on the safer side with expensive devices.

We hope that the solutions that we have included help you with your Roku TV. Happy Streaming!!

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