How To fix Roomba Error 43?

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Roomba Error 43

Roomba Error code 43 means that it’s stuck in the infrared (IR) beam of a Virtual Wall or Home Base.

So If you are having the error code ​​Roomba Error code 43 then move it to the new location and after that tap the clear button to restart.

How To Fix Roomba Error 43?

Fix 1: Do You Have Multiple Virtual Walls

If in case you have multiple Virtual Walls facing each other then you may get this error.

So we will recommend you to adjust the Virtual Walls to make sure that they are not directed at each other.

Fix 2: Check If The Error Occurs Around Home Base

Check if you are getting the error around the Home Base, if yes then make sure it’s in a clear and uncluttered place with the proper sufficient space on all sides.

If the error still persists then try repositioning the home base.

Fix 3: Contact Support

If the error persists even after trying the above steps then contact Support.

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