How to Rotate screen in Chromebook?

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Chromebooks are friendly device, which is handy when it comes to use it as a laptop or a tablet. Even while watching videos or working on it, it gives you whole new experience in both the mode. But one thing which complicates it, is screen rotation. Here we will learn easy steps to rotate the screen.

Rotate Screen In Chromebook

Note: Given steps are suitable for all chromebooks, regardless of brands.

How screen rotation works in chromebook?

Method 1: Using keyboard to rotate the screen?

Hold on to ctrl and shift keys and press refresh key ( looks like a circle with arrow) hold on until you get your desired screen. You can use same method every time, if need screen orientation.

Method 2: Rotation from settings?

  • Tap on the clock gear at the bottom right side.
  • Then click ‘device’
  • Then tap ‘displays’.
  • In the orientation section click on drop down, and from drop down choose the wished angel of the screen.
  • After that as per your command, Chromebook screen will be rotated.

What to Do If None Of The methods Are working?

If you are unable to rotate the screen despite trying all the methods, then make sure no peripheral is connected to your device. Cause if any YSB is connected to your chromebook, the screen rotation doesn’t work.

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