How To Fix Samsung Dishwasher Error Code 5E?

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If you are using a Samsung Dishwasher and suddenly find yourself confronted with the 5E Error Code on screen, then you are at the right place for a solution.

In the following article we will be looking at as well as discussing everything there is to know about the particular issue. From the causes and reasons to step by step instructions on how to fix the error, we will talk about it all.

Samsung Dishwasher Error Code 5E

But, before we head to discussions about the error as well as their solutions in length. I guess it would be a good idea to have a quick look at the few solutions and methods we have with us today with the help of which you can definitely solve the error displayed on your dishwasher display.

Try the following solutions to fix the issue,

  • Unblocking the Drain Hose
  • Fix faulty Drain Pump
  • Unclog Filter
  • Check for problem with internal circuit
  • Check for Broken Drain Pump
  • Check for fault in Pressure Switch unit
  • Check for fault in Sensors
  • Check for any kind of damage to the main control board

As you have already noticed from the list of fixes above, it is somewhat necessary that someone who is planning to fix the error on its own needs to be a little technically sound.

Even if you are not, there is always a first time learning. And for this very reason the above mentioned methods and hacks have been further explained in detail so that it is possible for everyone to try and fix up their dishwashers on their own and without much difficulty. 

Causes for Error Code 5E in Samsung Dishwashers

When it comes down to fixing things, there is a first hand rule that everyone more or less must follow. That is when you start solving an issue, first learn about and understand why an issue has occurred in the first place.

Only after you have learned and understood why a particular problem or error has occurred, can you effectively and efficiently work on to solve the particular issue. 

Similarly, even in the case of the 5E Error Code and its relation with Samsung Dishwashers. We must first try to figure out and understand why a particular error may occur before we go on solving the issue following the instructions described below.

Having said that, let us straight away look at what may cause the 5E Error Code to occur in the first place and what must we do in order to prevent it from occurring in the future again.

  • One of the most common reasons as to why the particular error may occur is when water gets clogged for some reason in the drainage system unit of the dishwasher device. 
  • Here, clogging may happen due to a number of reasons; Blockage in draining hose, Clogged filter, faulty or broken drain pump and so on.
  • Other reasons may include problems in connection of wires, incorrect voltage supply, fault in pressure switch sensor or turbidity sensors and damage to the main control board unit. 

So depending upon the type of cause or reason as mentioned above, the approach to solving the issue might also change.

For example if the problem is that as mentioned in the first and second point collectively, then you might be able to solve the issue simply by fixing the component or part causing the error. 

However, if the problem is present in sensors and other electronic components as mentioned in the last point, then you might need some technical help from experts and even have to replace a unit altogether to fix the particular issue. 

How to fix Error Code 5e in Samsung Dishwasher?

Let us finally have a look at all the various causes as well as their solutions in detail. Some of which you can obviously solve on your own, while the few others, you will most probably need help from experts. 

1. Unblocking the Drain Hose

At times, the drain hose of your dishwasher machine may get blocked due to a number of reasons such as clogged hose outlet, frozen or clogged drain line or simply a bent or crumbled drain hose all together. 

Hence if such an error is the cause of the error, then the solution I believe is pretty self explanatory on its own.

All you need to do here is simply remove the drain hose from the machine and then check for whether there is any blockage inside it.

You can carry out the inspection quite easily by fixing the hose itself to a separate faucet or water source and see and specify the source of the blockage. 

And if there is any kind of blockage within the hose, then you may try cleaning it by either pouring hot (non-boiling) water through the hose, so that any clogged dirt or ice melts and comes out on its own.

As for bent and twisted hose lines, you can use hot water for them as well to loosen it up and then stretch it to make it straight. 

2. Fix faulty Drain Pump

A drain pump might stop working properly if food waste and scraps get accumulated in the pump impeller unit of the dishwasher after a certain period of time.

In such cases it is important that you first try unscrewing the mounts to the propeller unit cover and check whether any kind of junk has accumulated near the area.

If yes, then try cleaning it up using a pair of tongs and a small brush to clean off the corners where the tongs can’t reach.

Once the cleaning is done, let the unit dry for a while and then mount the cover back to its place and try starting the machine once again and see whether the drainage is working properly or not.

If the error was caused by the faulty drain pump, then the error should go away on its own once the pump works normally.   

3. Unclog Filter

It is always important that you rinse your dishes and appliances before putting them inside the dishwasher machine for a wash.

Because if not rinsed properly, then drain pumps as well as filters too may get blocked by such wastes and scraps of food left on plates and other appliances.

Even if that is not the case, the filter is one such component inside the Dishwasher which must be regularly checked and cleaned since it has been designed to filter out any kind of waste and trap it inside itself only.

Hence, it is very important to clean the filter from time to time before it gets full and causes such an error to occur. 

4. Check for fault in internal circuit

Here you will obviously need some help from experts or will need to have some expertise on your own in the field of electronics.

Because, if there is something wrong with the circuit or the circuit is broken somewhere, then the only possible way to fix it up would be to solder the connection on your own. 

Usually, if there is some fault in the connection due to damaged wires or broken circuit, then the water would simply remain in the tray without flowing out or in from anywhere.

This as a result makes the error 5E to show up on your dishwasher’s display.

5. Check for broken Drain Pump

If the cause of your error happens to be a broken drain pump, then sadly there is no way to fix it but you will rather have to completely replace the whole drain pump component.

Obviously, you cannot just tell whether the drain pump is broken or not by just looking at it, since most of the time the part where the pump might be broken is not physically visible. 

Hence, the only way you can be sure whether the problem is actually with a broken pump or not is when you check it with the help of a multimeter.

The process is rather very simple. All you need to do is get yourself a multimeter and then find whether the coil for the drain assembly is conductive or not.

For this you will need to set the multimeter reading to resistance and measure the resistance between the coils measure upto 25 Ohms or not.

If yes, then there is nothing wrong with the drain pump. Otherwise, you will need to replace the whole drain pump unit altogether. 

6. Check for fault in Pressure Switch unit

The pressure switch unit plays a very vital role in the functioning of the dishwasher and even the slightest fault in it may result in such an error to occur.

The sensor is primarily responsible for measuring the water pressure inside the dishwasher as well as communicating data between the components and control unit to enable the device to work properly.

And if there seems to be an issue with the sensor, then it is really important that it may be fixed at the earliest so that no other component gets damaged as a result of delay. 

So, in order to fix the fault in the pressure switch sensor unit, firstly you will need to locate an electronic solid state unit named DD94-01006A which may be typically placed behind the metal plate near the lower left corner of the device.

Once you have located the solid state unit, check and see whether the unit is able to move up and down freely. If not, then there may be a problem with the sensor unit itself.

If that is the case then first dismount the solid-state unit and clean it properly with a polypropyl solution. 

After all that is done, mount the unit back to its original location and check once again whether it is moving freely or not. If it is, then close and mount the metal plate as it was earlier and try running the dishwasher to see if the error still persists or not. 

If for some reason after cleaning the unit and fixing it back to the original location, the unit does not seem to move freely. Then know that the issue here is a broken pressure switch unit and needs to be replaced.

7. Check for fault in Turbidity Sensor

The main function of the Turbidity sensor is to check whether the water being drained after a wash is clean or not.

And depending on whether the drained water is clean or not, it then sends a message to the main control unit to either stop the cleaning process or carry on with it until the water is completely clean. 

So, if due to some reason a malfunctioning occurs in the particular sensor, then this may result in the 5E error to show up on your dishwasher’s display as well.

To fix it, similar as in the earlier case for the Pressure switch unit, here too you will need to first dismount the sponsor unit, clean it and then fix it back to check whether there is a fault in the sensor or not.

In case the fault is in the sensor, you will need to immediately replace it and fix a new one. 

8. Check for damage to the main Control Board unit

Finally, if nothing else seems to be the cause or solve the error, then the fault may be present in the main Control Board unit of the device.

The main control board unit more or less works as the brains of the dishwasher, controlling every other function that goes on around inside it.

From communicating between tasks to informing the user of any issues, nearly everything is done either by the main control board unit or with its help.

And thus, if there is anything wrong with it, then I believe there is nothing much you can do about it but take the help of Samsung’s very own service help desk and ask for it to get repaired.

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