How To Fix Samsung Smart TV Error Model Bind?

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Does your Samsung Smart TV is displaying the Model Bind error? If yes then in this post you can find the possible workaround to get rid of this error.

The error says ERROR_MODEL_BIND.

For some users when this error occurs, their TV was unable to connect to the internet, and for some users, their TV was connected to the internet but has this error on the screen.

How To Fix Samsung Smart TV Error Model Bind?

Fix 1: Check Update For Samsung TV Firmware

The main reason behind the error is the outdated firmware version of your Samsung Smart TV.

First, check your TV network settings and if your TV is connected to the internet or not, if not then connect your TV to the internet.

Then under your TV settings, check if your TV has any pending firmware updates. If yes then consider installing the update. And then check if the error still comes.

Fix 2: Manually Update Your Samsung TV

For some old Samsung TV models when you check for updates, your TV will not show any pending updates when there is an update available from Samsung.

In that case you have to download the update for your TV from the Samsung website, and then with the help of any Pendrive you have to install that update to your TV.

Below you can find the steps to manually install the firmware update to your Samsung TV.

  • From your Laptop visit Samsung Support Page.
  • Then search for your device model number and hit enter.
  • Then go to “Solutions and Tips“.
  • Then under the downloads look for “Upgrade File (USB type)”. Then match the available software version with your current software version.
  • In case your tv is having an outdated software version then click on the “Upgrade File (USB type)” download link.
  • Once the file is downloaded to your computer, transfer it to a USB stick.
  • Then insert the USB stick in a USB slot on your Samsung TV.
  • Then power on your TV.
  • Then tap the “Menu” on the TV handset.
  • Scroll down to System Update.
  • Then go to the USB Update or anything similar.
  • Then tap the OK button and follow the onscreen options to install the update.
  • Once your TV finishes installing the updates.
  • Then you need to go to Smart Hub and check if it asks you for an update. If yes, then install the pending update.

Fix 3: Restart Internet And TV

If in case your TV is already updated with the least firmware version but you still have the error then try restarting the internet and TV one by one.

Once your TV and internet are restarted, connect your TV to the internet and check if the error gets away or not.

Fix 4: Try ​​Resetting The Smart Hub

If the error still exists then try resetting the Samsung Smart Hub and check if that helps you.

If you don’t know how to reset the Smart Hub on your Samsung TV models then you can visit this detailed guide by Samsung to reset Smart Hub.

Fix 5: Soft Reset of the TV

If resetting the Smart Hub also doesn’t help then try performing a Soft reset on your Samsung Smart TV. And to do that you can follow the steps given below.

  • Go to your TV settings Menu.
  • Go to Support.
  • Choose Self Diagnosis.
  • Choose Reset.

Fix 6: Try Using Different Internet

It’s very hard to think that this error can occur because of an internet issue but still to be sure try connecting your TV to a different internet.

And if in case connecting to a different internet fixes the issue then you need to reset your internet, or try connecting to your ISP.

Fix 7: Other Workarounds

  • Try changing the DNS Servers: Go to Setting Menu > Network > Network Settings > IP Settings > DNS settings > Enter Manually. Then you need to enter or and then tap Save.
  • You can also try using a wired internet connection to check if that helps or not.
  • If nothing above fixes the issue then you should contact Samsung TV support to get technical assistance from their team of experts.

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