How To Fix Samsung tV error code 137?

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Samsung tv error code 137

Samsung is a very well-trusted and versatile brand. They have a lot of products in the market but they pay equal attention to each product’s development. There are separate talented teams handling each product and also answering user issues if any.

People buy Samsung TVs for their impeccable video quality, new technology integration, and best game graphics.

These are all the areas that Samsung TV has tapped into and they have delivered.

There are some common errors that you may face on a Samsung TV if the compatibility conditions are not met.

These errors are coded by Samsung in a directory that you can use to understand your error code and fix that.

In this article, we will discuss how to fix Samsung TV error code 137 but before we do that we will also discuss what this error code means and what are the reasons behind this.

So, let’s begin.

What is the meaning of the error code 137 on Samsung?

The error codes that you see during any issue on the Samsung TV are there for a reason. That is, the convenience of understanding for you as well as the technician if you decide to call one in.

Thankfully, this error code does not have a big combination of letters and numbers but still make sure that you have the right one before we start working on the fixes.

It is also very important to understand what the error code means so that we can move forward and look for the reasons for the same.

The error code 137 on Samsung TV reads Name Resolution Failed. This is very vague though and you will still ask what this means. This means that the app you are trying to reach is not available for launch.

There can be many reasons behind this error and we will discuss them in the next section.

What are the reasons for error code 137 on Samsung TV?

The webpage that you are trying to search for will be unavailable in this error. Why is this happening though, is there something wrong on your end or the servers are at fault?

These are important questions in determining if you can solve the problem or if you will need technical assistance.

We will make a list of the reasons this error code shows up in this section. Here is why you might be experiencing the error code 137 on Samsung TV.

  • Weak internet connection
  • The app is glitching
  • There is an overload of cache
  • The app is not updated
  • The Samsung TV is glitching

Since error code 137 is an error that will not let you connect the TV to the internet, these reasons make the most sense.

How To Fix Samsung tV error code 137?

There are several ways that you can try to fix the error code 137 on your Samsung TV. most of them are related to getting your connection back and working because this error acts as a barrier when you try to connect to a specific app through the TV.

Here is how you can get the Samsung Tv back on track eliminating the error code 137.

Fix 1: Check your internet connection

When you are trying to connect your TV to the internet, the speed of the connection should be more than what is needed on mobile.

A weak internet connection can cause many errors and all of them will hamper the basic functionality of the TV. 

Hop on to Google and search for any internet speed meter. Run a test and you will get to know the upload as well as download speed on your connection.

If you get to know that the speed is slow, contact your internet service provider with the same and they will help you with the exact steps that you need to take for the connection to work fine.

Fix 2: Check the app that you are trying to launch

The app that you are trying to launch might be infested with system bugs and that might be the problem that you are facing with the error code 137 for the launch.

There might not be any trouble with the TV or the internet connection.

In cases like these, you need to consider reinstalling the app after you delete it once. Delete all the app data as well as uninstall the app.

Now download a clean and updated version of the app that will not have the same bugs as the previous version.

Fix 3: There is an overload of cache on the app

The app cache is required for the purposes of faster launch so that you do not have to look for entering information every time you launch an app.

However, this becomes a problem when the cache starts to hog the memory and becomes counterproductive.

In these cases, when you face any error, immediately clear all the cache and cookies, refresh the system and try again to see if the issue is resolved.

If this does help with the problem, make it a point to regularly clear the cache from the system.

Fix 4: The app you are trying to launch is not updated

The app that you are trying to get access to and being denied due to the error code 137, might be having serious trouble because you missed important updates on the app.

When you update the app to the latest version, you refurnish the app according to the new developments and the older cracks in the development are filled in through the developers.

If you do not let the developments come in by avoiding the update, you will not get any benefits from the same.

Make sure that you regularly check for updates on the apps that you have on the Samsung TV.

If you tend to forget about this on a regular basis, you should consider turning on auto-updates.

Fix 5: The Samsung TV is having problems

As the apps on the system need regular maintenance in the form of updates, the Samsung Tv also lies on the same tangent.

There should be regular checking of updates for the TV firmware and if you forget, turn on auto-updates or at the very least, reminders for the updates on the TV system.

Fix 6: Contact Samsung TV Support 

If the issues with the TV have reached a place where it is now affecting the hardware, you need to immediately get in touch with the support team.

The support team will send in technicians to tend to your specific problem. Oftentimes, this will be absolutely free of cost if your TV is new and covered by a warranty. Another benefit to this is that you might get a replacement in case the damage is too severe and it is covered by your warranty.


Error code 137 is not limited to Samsung TVs. This is a connection error that can be seen on many devices.

There are solutions based on the device that you are using and in this article, we have compiled solutions for the Samsung TV. these are tried and tested solutions as this error has been around for a long time.

We hope that this helped you eliminate the error code 137 on your Samsung TV. Keep following for more technical advice.

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