How To Fix Samsung Washing Machine Error Code 4c Or 4E?

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Last Updated on July 22, 2023

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Samsung Washing Machine Error Code 4c Or 4E

If your Samsung Washing machine is showing Error Code 4C or 4E, this indicates that your machine is having a problem with the water supply.

If you are also one of its washing machine users and have the Error code 4c or 4E on your Samsung Washing Machine then stick to this article to get to know the best fixes.

Possible Reasons For error code 4c Or ​​4E

As we have discussed above, error code 4c or 4E is directly linked to the water supply of your machine, if your Samsung Washing machine detects any hurdle during water supply it shows this error code. There are two primary reasons for that

  • The water supply Hose is blocked or kinked.
  • Water taps are blocked due to rust, or are not turned On properly.

How To Fix Samsung Washing Machine Error Code 4c Or 4E?

Fix 1: Check The Water Taps

  • First of all, check if your taps are not blocked due to rust or debris.
  • Also check you have turned on both the Hot and Cold water taps properly, if any of them is not on, you can face the error code 4C or 4E.
  • In case you want to use cold water only, then purchase and install a Y-connector. It provides water to both the hoses.
  • Check if error code 4C or 4E has gone or not after the troubleshoot.

Fix 2: Check the Water Hoses

  • Check the water hoses of your machine, they must not be defective or faulty. Many times Hoses get blocked or kinked and create hurdles during water supply.
  • Also, Hoses should not be bent or out of shape, this may break or block the Hoses. If you find any default or breakage on the Hoses, get it replaced for better performance.

Here’s how to check the water hoses

  • Turn off your Samsung Washing machine.
  • Drag your machine away from the wall so you can see its backside.
  • Now check closely, hoses should not be bent, out of shape, or kinked, which can affect the water supply directly.
  • Also, Hoses should not be loose, check and tighten them properly.
  • If Hoses are blocked or kinked, clean them with the help of a wire thoroughly.
  • Put some water from the hoses after cleaning them and check if water is passing properly or not.

Fix 3: Check the Mesh Filters

  • Check the mesh filters of your washing machine. You can find it where the hose connects to the washing machine.
  • Open the mesh filters and check if it is blocked by rust or debris.
  • Clean them properly with the help of wire or chemicals.
  • Place back the mesh filter to its place properly.
  • Now check if the error code is gone or not.

Fix 4: Clean the Detergent Tray

  • One thing you must remember is to always clean all those ejectable devices of your machine which help water supply. A detergent tray is also one of them.
  • If your detergent tray is clogged then it can stop water from passing through the bucket. Which results in error code.
  • Always use high-efficiency detergent for your machine, if you are using low-efficiency detergent, it produces suds excessively which clogs your tray and blocks water flow into your machine.
  • If you are facing such a problem, detach your detergent tray and clean it thoroughly. And after that reattach it to its place and turn on the machine to check the power supply and error code.

Fix 5: Check the Water Pressure

  • Your machine requires 10 pounds per square inch of water pressure to work properly.
  • If the water pressure is below 10 pounds, it delays the process of water filling which results in error code.
  • To check the water pressure you can call a Plumber or check it by yourself if you have a water pressure gauge.
  • You can need to attach your water pressure gauge to the faucets and check the readings. If the reading is below 10 pounds then call a Plumber to fix the water pressure issue, or change the faucet.

Fix 6: Reset Your Washer

The most common yet most effective way to fix an electric machine is to reset them. So we will suggest you to do the same for your washing machine.

  • Unplug the power cable from the wall outlet.
  • Let it rest for 5 minutes.
  • Then plug in the power cable back to the wall outlet.
  • Then turn on the washing machine and check if the error code has gone or not.

Fix 7: Contact Samsung Support

Even after trying all the troubleshoots given above, if you are still facing the Samsung washing machine error then this is the time to contact Samsung customer support. To register a complaint you can visit their official website or also dial the customer support number. 

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