How To Fix SBI ATM Error Code 88 Or 088?

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SBI ATM Error Code 88 and 088

Atm Error code 88 or 088 means that the ATM machine was unable to read your card. This error can also occur if your ATM card is bent, scratched, or inactive. 

If you are getting the error code 88 when you are using your ATM card then try our suggestions which we have listed below.

How To Fix ATM Error Code 88?

Fix 1: Check If your card Is damaged

First, clear your card with any soft fabric and try again.

If cleaning the card not fixing the issue then check if your card has any serious bent, or if it has lots of scathes. If yes then this is the reason that the ATM machine is unable to read your card and showing the error code.

To fix the error go to your bank branch and apply for a new ATM card.

Fix 2: Check Your Card Expiry Date

If your ATM card is not bent or scratched then first check your card expiry date which you can find on the front side of the card. If your card is expired then you will have to apply for a new card.

Fix 3: Try Different ATM

If your card is not damaged and expired then try using the card in a different ATM machine. It’s possible that the ATM machine has some issues and showing you the error code without any fault with your card.

Fix 4: Contact Bank

If you have tried the above steps then this is the time to contact the bank. Call your bank from their customer care number or visit the bank branch.

At this point, they are the best person who can tell the actual fault with your card, and what you should do now.

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