How To Fix Simcity error code 60002?

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Simcity error code 60002

Simcity is a great game if you like building from scratch and reaching great heights. It gives you the experience of building a town with all the real-life challenges as a simulation.

If this is something that interests you, we can assure you that this game is a good option to play.

The game also has in-game purchases and many players choose to spend money in order to get to the progressed levels in the game.

It becomes really devastating when the game starts displaying errors and you are at the risk of losing all your progress in the game even after paying for it.

There are some common error codes that the players discuss in the community. Thankfully, the common issues are something that you do not need to immediately contact player support for as you can get quite reliable solutions from the community that has worked for other users in the past.

In this article, we will discuss how to fix SimCity error code 60002. 

We will shed light on what this error code means and what might be the reasons behind the error code. 

Let’s get building solutions and get you back in the game, Mayor!

What does the error code 60002 mean on SimCity?

There is always a meaning behind the combination of letters or numbers that you find in an error code.

The error code is an unofficial key to solving the exact issue that you are facing and therefore, it becomes very important to understand the meaning behind the error code so that you can apply solutions.

If you experience error code 60002 on SimCity, this indicates that the server connection has timed out due to network issues.

There can be many reasons behind it and we will discuss them in the next section.

What are the reasons behind the error code 60002?

We have deciphered that the error code 60002 on SimCity is a server time-out error due to connectivity issues.

However, there might be some other reasons too that may show up as a network error but need a different approach for solutions.

Here are some reasons why you might be facing a connection problem on SimCity.

  • Your internet connection is not stable.
  • The server of the game is down
  • Your network hardware needs attention
  • You are using the same game account on more than one device.

These are some of the reasons that the users have identified when encountering the error code 60002 on their SimCity game.

Let’s look at how you can get about solving this issue in the next section.

How To Fix Simcity error code 60002?

The network-related issue on the game can lead you to lose connection to the servers and you might feel like you are losing the entire game progress.

When you get the error code, you can apply some fixes that have worked for other players and we will discuss them in detail in this section.

Fix 1: Check your internet connection

Do not get fooled by the internet connection working okay for the apps and programs that do not need a stable internet speed to work.

When you are playing games like the one here, you need a stable internet connection with decent speed to maintain a connection to the servers and stay in the gameplay.

To check if your internet speed is enough, Google an internet speed meter and you will find many reliable tools for free to test your internet speed. 

They will let you know the upload and download speed on your device’s connection and also some of them will let you know the limitations of your connection based on the speed they calculated.

If you find that the speed of the internet connection is slow, contact your internet service provider for more information.

Sometimes, the server is down on the ISP side and this can cause network troubles without you even knowing about it.

Fix 2: Check the SimCity server

As a game, SimCity has been developed with player volume in mind but occasionally it does happen that the server gets overloaded with too many players all at once.

This server overload can get the server to crash and hence, you will not be able to play the game for the time period that the server is down.

In some cases, the server is also shut down for maintenance purposes and it does not crash like in the case mentioned above.

Either way, this is something that can only be solved on the part of the technical team that handles the game servers.

To make sure that the issue is with the game server, you can conduct a simple Google search or ask around in the player communities for the same.

Fix 3: Your network Hardware needs a reset

From network hardware, we mean the router and the modem that you use to connect to the internet.

If you are using cellular data to play a heavy server-dependent game, then you will face more troubles than the other players due to the inherent low speed of cellular data connections.

The network hardware needs to be maintained in order to maintain a stable internet connection. There need to be regular updates on the firmware for the router and modem so that your devices are equipped to provide you with the connection that you need.

If you miss important firmware updates, you are reducing the life of your network hardware.

Fix 4: You are using the same game account on more than one device

This is an issue that the players in the online community have recently discovered. If you are playing SimCity on multiple devices with the same account, you are likely to run into the error code 60002.

Some users have also reported severe problems like phone crashes in addition to game issues.

It might also feel like you have lost the entire game progress when you try to restart the game.

However, there is also a fix to this that has been circulated in online communities. We have mapped the entire fix for your convenience.

Here is how you can fix this problem.

  • Delete the game from all the devices that you own
  • Reinstall the game on the device that you intend to use for playing SimCity in the future. Make sure to only choose a single device.
  • Launch the game.
  • You will notice that you do not get access to the progress of the saved game. At this point, do not freak out. 
  • Follow the game instructions and allow the tutorial to finish.
  • You will now get a choice to follow the tutorial or go back to the saved game.
  • Choose the option to go back to the saved game.
  • You will get the game account back with all the progress.

This is a  solution that has proved helpful to many users. It might help you too.

Fix 5: Contact SimCity support

If none of the fixes above make any sense to you, it is time that you contact SimCity support.

It becomes even more essential when you have paid for the game progress that should not be lost.

The Simcity support helpline can help you with the exact issue that you are facing and they will most likely be on point because they deal with the errors in the game on a regular basis.


Error code 60002 on Simcity indicates that you have lost the connection to the game server due to a network issue.

There might also be other reasons that we have discussed above.

The community for the game is really helpful in coming up with solutions for the common errors in the game and this is really helpful for the players who might be really perplexed about what is wrong with their game.

We have just facilitated the process for you by bringing all the reasons and fixes together in one article.

We are hopeful that this was helpful to you.

Happy Gaming!!

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