How To Fix Sky Go Error Code 9?

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Are you having the error code 9 with Sky Go? If yes then in this post we are going to share all of the details which we could find about this error.

How To Fix Sky Go Error Code 9?

We are noticing that users are having the error code 9 with Sky Go but unfortunately SKY Go didn’t share any information about this error.

During our research all we could find a post from 2011 by the Sky Go team where they confirmed this error, and also mentioned that the Sky Go team is working on the error.

You can see the screenshot below.

As there is no official information on this error so we can’t say anything with 100% surety but the response from the Sky Go team indicates that this error might be because of any issue with the Sky Go system so go here to check if there is any known issue with the Sky Go services. 

Alternatively, you can also visit their official Twitter handle to check if there is any update about server outrage/maintenance.

If there is an update about the server issue or maintenance then wait for some time and then try again.

If in case there is no news about the system outrage then try the common workaround given below.

  • Check the update for Sky Go and the device on which you are using the error.
  • Try switching the internet, try using a mobile hotspot or alternate wifi.
  • Close the app and then restart the device.
  • Try reinstalling after uninstalling the Sky Go app.

If in case trying the above given common workaround doesn’t help you with the error then contact Sky Go support to report the error.

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