How To Fix SKYUI error code 5?

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SKYUI Error Code 5

An aesthetic screen to look at when experiencing some of the great graphics is a plus. Skyrim’s UI is enhanced with the help of a tool that is SKYUI mod.

There are many changes that the SKYUI mod has made to the user interface without compromising on the older design.

This helps with incorporating change in the design without making it feel alien-like.

The players have been highly appreciating the changes made through the SKYUI mod. The player lists, icons, and many more features have been changed to make the aesthetic and functioning better for the players.

In recent times though, there are some errors that have become common during the gameplay and are ruining the experience for the players.

In this article, we will talk about how to fix SKYUI error code 5. We will also discuss the real issues that can cause this error and what the error code signifies in the first place.

So, let’s start and take the gameplay head-on.

What does SKYUI error code 5 mean?

You cannot fight an unknown enemy because you will have no resources to understand what you are dealing with.

Therefore, it is important to go to the depths of the analysis of the error code. This will tell us exactly where to look when we start the recce for finding the fixes to the error.

If you see error code 5 while playing Skyrim, it means that some other system file is overriding the SKYUI file.

Some system files compete with the other tool files for resources and do not let them function at their full capacity. When these files are running, there will be error code 5 displayed on the Skyrim game.

What are the reasons behind SKYUI error code 5?

Now that we know that the error code 5 tells you that the SKYUI tool is not functioning as it should, let us see the reasons that can be a contributing factor to that cause.

Here are the reasons that can cause error code 5.

  • You are using competing software like Amazon Follower Tweaks or maybe German Translation mods
  • You are using the 60 FPS interface while the SKYUI interface is only capable of 30 FPS
  • You do not have a Master File in place to regulate the functioning and identification of the mod.
  • The program is running with corrupt files
  • You have an older version of the software.

These are some of the reasons that can cause error code 5 to flash when you are using the SKYUI mod.

How can you fix SKYUI error code 5?

Every error has a fix and when you already have the information about what is causing the error it becomes easy for you to look for fixes.

Let’s take a look at what has worked for other users in the past and what can help you too.

Fix 1: Make sure that no competing program is running that is overriding the SKYUI mod

As we have mentioned in the list of reasons, there are certain programs that will compete with the resources that SKYUI needs to function and then override the mod.

This will cause you to see error code 5 flash on the screen when it should be running smoothly.

You can take a look at the task manager to see what programs are running in the background when you receive this error. 

Since the program that is responsible will be occupying most memory space, it will be easier to distinguish. Once you find out the culprit program, you can directly either disable the program or completely delete it if non-essential.

Fix 2: Disable the 60 FPS mod

As mentioned above, the optimal function of the SKYUI mod will only be possible in the 30 FPS mode.

If your system is running on the 60 FPS/ Frames Per Second, you will need to disable the same for the mod to function.

Here is how you can do that in easy steps.

  • Go to this address on your computer NexusModManager /Skyrim/Mods 
  • You will find compressed files in this location. Look for the file name 60 FPS Interface Mod
  • Select and delete this file to get rid of this interface.
  • For the action to take effect, you need to delete the SKYUI and download it fresh.
  • Update the Skyrim Script Extender to the latest version.
  • And just like that, you are done.

Fix 3: The program is running with corrupt files

When you will receive the error code 5, you will not see that in isolation. There will be some additional information that always accompanies the error code.

If there is a particular corrupt file that is causing the error, you will see that mentioned in the error message.

No program can function when the program files are corrupt. You can either try repairing the file that is mentioned in the message or reinstall a fresh version of the program from scratch.

We will suggest that you delete the entire program and download it again. This also allows you to have the latest version of the software.

Fix 4: You have an older version of the software

When newer versions of the software are released, they take into account the previous glitches and solutions to malicious attacks.

The older versions become obsolete and vulnerable to errors and attacks.

You should always make sure to update the software to the latest version. If you have an older version of SKYUI, update it to the latest version immediately and enable auto-updates for the future.

Fix 5: Delete the entire game and reinstall it

If none of the solutions work for you, the most hassle-free solution is to delete the entire Skyrim game and re-install it.

This is a sure-shot solution to all the bugs that keep you from using the software at its full function. Everything is erased and then downloaded fresh with the latest versions.

Fix 6: Contact the support

In very rare cases when you cannot make head or tails of the situation, you need a technical team telling you exactly what is wrong and needs to be fixed.

Don’t hesitate to contact the support team if nothing has worked in your favor.


Error code 5 on SKYUI is a relatively complex error code that may need you to apply some specific technical solutions.

We have collected all the resourceful solutions to the error code and put them in this article for your convenience.

We hope that our effort was useful in getting the program to work. Keep following for more technical updates and advice.

Happy Gaming!!

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