How To Play Solitaire On Chromebook?

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Since the inception of Personal Computers, Solitaire has been the most played and enjoyed the offline game on the Computers and Laptops.

Solitaire for Chromebook

Solitaire is an all-time classic game with a magnificent journey over three decades. Solitaire is like a fine wine, which is aging well with time.

The game was released in 1990, 32 years back, and later on, succeeded by Microsoft Solitaire Collection which is designed for Windows 8 and 10.

In the genre of Gaming, this has achieved a Milestone and this is the reason why I’m writing about it in 2022. So let’s see how we can download and play Solitaire on Chromebook.

How To Play Solitaire On Chromebook?

Method 1: Play Directly On Your Browser

  • Go here.
  • Wait till the website fully opens.
  • When options prompt, choose the difficulty level.
  • As you choose the difficulty level, the game will start.

Note: There are so many websites which offer users to play the Solitaire game online on a Chromebook without installing anything. Just google “Solitaire” and pick any website of your choice which offers the game online.

Method 2: Use Play Store to Install Solitaire on Chromebook.

 If having issues with Google Browser, turn towards the Play store. With more than 2 million apps it will help you play Solitaire on your Chromebook.

  • Go to the launcher and launch the menu on your Chromebook.
  • Select the “Playstore” and open it.
  • Now go to the Search Bar and type “Solitaire” and search.
  • Solitaire comes on top of your search page, click on it to Download.
  • Click on “Install” a circle will start rolling and once it is fully green, it will be downloaded.
  • Now go to the Launcher and search for Solitaire to play on Chromebook.
  • Click on it to open and play the Game.

Key Features of Solitaire Game

  • You can analyze the progress and style.
  • The Card and Tables can be changed.
  • This comes with an option of Portrait and Landscape mode.
  • It has a unique shuffle with challenging Logic on a regular basis.

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