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Well, since Minecraft is truly one of the rare Sandbox open-world games out there giving you full freedom to go and explore in any direction you desire. One might obviously have thought or tried to explore beyond, just to see if there existed something like the real world “Outer Space” in Minecraft too. I am sure I am not the only one who have wondered about this and tried it out. Sure many out there may have done it on their own too and hence came here today to look out for even more games like Minecraft where going to space is very much possible too.

However, there are certain other things too that you may or may not have known about the so called “Space” out there. And before we start of with our list of the “Top 9 Minecraft like Space Games”. Let us first have a little peek into some of the mane types or phases of the so called “Space” life in Minecraft. But, if you think you already know the ins and outs of Minecraft Space, then feel free to jump to the part where we list the “top alternatives to Minecraft Space Games” down below.

So, if you just want to know whether something like an Outer Space truly exists inside the game or not, then you can just try to move on the Y-axis upwards until you have reached somewhere near 100,000 units or so until you actually realize that you have reached your destination i.e. Space.

But, it all does not just end there. If you want something more realistic and fun, which I obviously know you want, then you can very well get a Space Mod installed onto your Minecraft setup. Not only does it manages to turn your Space experience, ten times better, but truly gives you the feeling of actually exploring space and marking your findings, just like you would do if you actually had a chance to go into the real outer space.

Some Of Most Popular Mods For Minecraft Space Adventure

1. The Space Age Mod

Although, this mod is quite and old one and has not been updated since the end of the year 2018. Still it is a fun mod to have and consist of some really cool features like being able to build new ships to take off to space, as well as elements that let you help build bases and explore planets in a fun and intuitive way.

The Space Age Mod

2. Galacticraft Mod

This mode without a doubt is one of the most popular and widely played space mods out there. And all of that for very good reasons. The developer team associated with it is just doing an amazing job with updates as well as fixing any kind of bugs that may just arise. Moreover, the types of features you on this mod is just mind boggling and always fun to play with. Some of the key features you will find on this mod is the ability to travel across the solar system, design and construct your own very spaceships as well as explore hidden dungeons and caves in planets never explored before.

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Galacticraft Mod

3. Parzi’s Star Wars Mod

Well, not entirely the space type Mod that you had seen in case of the Galacticraft Minecraft Mod. However, just as the name itself might suggest, the game is entirely based on Star Wars. And if you are a fan of Star Wars like me, who would do anything it takes to stop the Dark Forces, then the mod is absolutely meant for you.  I will not go into the details of this mod and leave it up to you to explore so that it all remains a surprise and you can enjoy it as much as I did when I first played with it.

Parzi’s Star Wars Mod

Top 7 Minecraft Like Space Games

Now, that we have seen and covered some of the most popular Minecraft space mods out there. Let us head to the main topic at hand where we look into some of the Top best Minecraft Alternatives out there.

1. Space Engineers

With a 9 out of 10 rating over steam, I don’t think the game will need any further appraisals from me, specially when it comes to the fact that how popular the game has been with players from all across the globe, these many years since its official release in the year 2013.  According to me and I know pretty much everyone who have played this game would agree, this game is the perfect blend of space, engineering, exploration and survival out there and I could not have think of a rather better game than Space Engineers to be honest.

What makes it so special and highly desirable to play? Well, the answer to that is quite simple I would say. Now, it is pretty obvious that most of you out there would obviously love the idea of traveling to outer space and explore new planets and galaxies. It is just something that every human at least once in their life time must have thought of. Hence, with this game you can do all of that and even better.

Space Engineers

Firstly, since the game itself follows the Open World methodology of gameplay, being able to move in any direction you desire as well as explore any part of the map according to your will is something which is very much possible here at Space Engineers.

Secondly, just as the later part of the name may very well suggest, the ‘Engineer’ part is where all the building and breaking starts to play its role. Apart from being an open-world game, Space Engineer is also one of the best Sand Box game out there so to speak. And when it is a Sand Box game we are talking, the ability to build ships and stations with resources you gain while exploring the distant horizons of space is all very much possible and a whole lot fun inside the game. The experience is truly what I would call ‘a mesmerizing’ one, everyone should definitely try at least once.

2. Starmade

Coming with some really cool options to build your own spaceships as well as gather equipment to build your ships with parts from factories, the game has truly holds the essence of what it would be to actually be in space and explore the thousand of different galaxies present in it. Here, you get to build and modify your own ships. It can be either a salvage ship to gather resources or a battle fleet to charge on hostile pirate ships and gather resource from the loot. A truly fun and intuitive experience to dive into for all those who would love to explore outer space as well as build their own very space stations and ships with the ability to also take over and destroy stations and ships of other players who may pose threat to one.


There are mainly two major modes in this game you can play in. One being the Single Player for just one person to explore and enjoy on their own. And the other being the Multiplayer Mode, where you can interact with other Star Made players from all across the globe over the Internet. All you have to do while playing in Multiplayer mode is create a server and invite people you want to play with.

3. The Forest

Well probably one of the most scary Open World cum Sand Box games out there, that is sure to give you the chills and get to your spine. And if you do not believe me, then the picture above may just be enough to make you understand the gravity of all the things you might see once you get inside “The Forest”. As you can see from the snap above, once you enter Steam it won’t take you directly to the section of the Forest Game, but ask for your age and warn you about the scary gore content that is up ahead. And you have to understand that this precaution is even before you go in to buy the game.

The Forest 

Coming back to the main details of the game, well if you love the dark and would not mind a series of petrifying hostile encounters in the wild, then this game I would say has been made for you. And the reason I am sure that this game most definitely will not disappoint you is due to its 9 out of 10 ranking over Steam itself. So, when it comes to gameplay experience and the kind of things that the game has to offer, there just cant be any doubts.

Now, since the game is an Open-World plus Sand Box game, the fact that you can move and go to any place of your desire as well as explore any creepy cave or creek you want to is all possible. Moreover, since you are to survive in a Forest and the game itself is a Sand Box game, the ability to gather resources and build things is all available to you for disposal.

But, all of that is just the beginning as the main plot of the game actually revolves around you having to build shelters during the day and defend yourself from being hunted by some crazy hostile species of genetically alien humans and animals out there. A totally fun and exciting game to keep you at your toes at all time.

4. Roblox

There are times when just playing a game or even a collection of games can be no fun. It happens to everyone and I am sure that at some point of your gaming life, even you must have felt the same way. No matter how many games you jump to and from on a single day, you just don’t get that hype. Sometimes you just wished that you could make the rules and ways of how a game could work and turn out instead of just following the plot as it had been developed by the developers themselves.


Being able to create your own very games with your own very rules and plot had always been a fascinating idea. And all of that is very much possible today, with the Roblox gaming and game creation platform. Here, you can create and play your own very games quite easily and effortlessly, making it a type of approach to the world of gaming like never before. Also, for many it can also be a place to earn some few bucks too once in a while. Suppose, you manage to create a game which is liked by quite a number of people, then you too can start going selling your game out on the very Roblox platform itself. So, if you are thinking of a gaming hobbie to earn you a few extra bucks, then this may just be the ideal place for you to start on that journey of yours.

5. Ark: Survival Evolved

If you ever wondered how humans would have lived if they had to co-exist with dinosaurs a million years ago, then probably this game has the answer to it or at least a fantasy related to it. Once you are inside Ark: Survival Evolved, you will find yourself in the world of Dinosaurs, walking along side with dinosaurs as well as riding them from time to time. Well, that is where the entire crux of the game lies. Here you will need to find wild dinosaurs, tame them and then turn them into your companion cum sweet ride.

Ark: Survival Evolved

In addition to that you will also need to build shelters for protection from other hostile tribes man like yours as well as find the means to construct weapons so that you can fight of predators along with defending yourself from them. The other great thing I absolutely love about this game when it comes to gameplay is the Multiplayer Mode where you get to play with your friends as well as join tribes and work and share together with resources and shelter to play, evolve and survive inside this epic game. And hence, the name Ark: Survival Evolved.

6. Terasology

Another very interesting Minecraft inspired games we have with our self today is the “Terasology”. Although, the name might seem quite out of the world and completely alien to many, trust me the game truly has a lot to offer. Since the game itself is an open-source project, then if you are someone who is a gamer cum developer then you will absolutely love this game no matter what.


The whole concept of the game is pretty much typical as to that of Minecraft, however the Voxel world addition along with cube elements is something which truly makes Terasology hold the potential to become something even better than Minecraft. And if there are smart developers out there ready to take the game up to perfection, then it will not be long that you will have with yourself something even better and more fun than Minecraft.

7. Lego World

If you have loved playing with Legos back when you were a kid or still playing with Legos till date as an adult, then Lego World just as the name itself might suggest is one game which is made for you. Basically, you can say that your physical Lego world has been transformed into a Digital one so that you can simply sit and do your magic by simply switching on your Xbox, PC or Playstation.

Lego World

And since it as an Open World Sandbox game as it is expected, out here a player can build anything of his desire simply with the combination of blocks and parts they can collect in the beautiful world of Digital Lego. The two major modes of Gameplay you will find in this game is Single Player and Multiplayer, where Single player obviously would mean that you could play it all on your own without having to stay connected to the Internet. Whereas in case of Multiplayer you can build your Lego world as well as have fun in it with your friends and families just like the old times, but while connected to the Internet.


So guess, that is it guys. And although, some of the later games listed on the list does not have much to do with being in space and all. I really thought it would be a better idea for all my lovely gaming readers to try these out once at least as I would not want you guys to miss on all the fun I had while searching for an alternative that could quench my thirst for a good Sanboxing game when Minecraft was not quite doing the job for me at times.

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