How To Fix Spectrum error code SUC-1107?

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Spectrum provides you impeccable services in the TV, mobile, as well as internet sector. You can also buy cheaper plans bundling all the services in one pack.

The network is immensely popular due to the cheaper and more stable connections. They also offer their users a 30-day money-back guarantee.

There are no contracts binding you and the support that the company provides the users is 24/7.

This support point really comes in handy when you encounter some error on the platform and you are looking for a solution.

There are different issues coded in the form of different error codes to provide you the information about the function that needs repair.

We have compiled the important information into one page for you.

In this article, we will discuss Spectrum Error code SUC-1107. We will take a look at the details of the error code in the terms of its meaning, the reasons behind it, and the fixes that you can apply.

What is the meaning of error code SUC-1107 on Spectrum?

As there are three divisions of Spectrum that we need to consider when looking for error codes, we need to know the meaning of the error code as well as what division it affects.

The error code SUC-1107 on Spectrum affects the Spectrum TV division, to be exact, this error code reads that you need to upgrade your subscription in order to watch Live TV.

Apart from the obvious reason that you can figure out from the error code detail, there can be many other reasons.

We will discuss them in the next section.

Possible reasons for the error code SUC-1107 on Spectrum

The error code SUC-1107 on Spectrum TV is capable of kicking you out of the Live Streaming TV content.

There can be many reasons for this error code to show up and some of them might not be as obvious as an expired subscription.

Here are the reasons that could be behind the error code SUC-1107 on Spectrum TV.

  • Your Subscription does not cover Live TV Streaming
  • The Subscription you purchased has expired
  • The Cable TV Box is overheating
  • The Spectrum Cable TV box is not updated.
  • Your Modem is not updated to the latest firmware.
  • There are loose wire connections to and from your cable box.

These are some of the reasons that can explain the error code SUC-1107 on Spectrum.

How To Fix Spectrum error code SUC-1107?

Now that you know all the circumstances for the error code SUC-1107 to show up and spoil your Live TV streaming on Spectrum TV, we can begin to fix the problem.

Make sure to go through the list of the reasons in the section above before moving to the solutions.

Here is how you can solve the error code SUC-1107 on Spectrum TV

Fix 1: Make sure that your subscription covers Live TV stream

Most platforms charge a separate fee for access to Live streaming through their platform. Do not assume that your cable plan covers the Live TV access.

Also, whenever you purchase a plan, go through the details of what it offers you. Choose on the basis of your needs.

When people do not read the plan thoroughly before purchasing, they pay for unnecessary add-ons and miss the ones that they need.

Evaluate your plan to see if your subscription covers Live TV. If it does not, then buy a new plan or an add-on.

Fix 2: Your subscription has expired

Your subscription plan might cover the Live TV add-on but it is possible that you missed the renewal date or some problem with your payment method has interrupted the automatic renewal of the subscription.

When you see this error code, check all aspects related to your subscription plan. Check if it is renewed and check if it is accepting the registered payment method in case you use automatic renewals.

Fix 3: The Spectrum Cable box is overheating

Long-term use of the cable box especially for long hours in one sitting can lead to the cable box getting overheated.

The cable box when overheated will not be able to function and you will experience errors.

The cable box can also overheat if it is kept in a place with no or minimal ventilation. Make sure that the cable box has appropriate ventilation and breathing space.

If you touch the box and it is hot, turn off the TV as well as the box and return to it when it cools down.

Fix 4: The Spectrum Cable Box is not updated

The Spectrum cable TV box needs regular updates to refresh the drivers and the firmware of the box.

Most people regularly update their phones and laptops but are not educated that they need to update the cable TV box as well.

If you miss important updates on the firmware, your box is prone to system glitches and many, many errors.

Make sure that you regularly check for updates on the Spectrum Cable Box.

Fix 5: Your network hardware is not updated

In order to Live stream TV content, you need a stable connection to the severs. This needs a connection to the internet.

The connection should be stable, reliable, and fast. It should be able to handle the regular flow of information between the TV and the server.

Same as the cable box, people ignore important firmware updates on their modem. This can lead to an unsteady internet connection. 

Make sure to regularly check for updates on your network hardware.

Fix 6: The wire connections to and from the cable box are loose

The wore connections that connect the Cable box to the modem as well as the TV need to be secure.

If the wire is loose, you will face connection problems with the TV.

If the wire is broken due to any external trauma to it, then it is a connection as well as a safety issue.

Always make sure that the cable cords are protected and taken care of. This also means that you need to regularly check for breaks in the wore even if you do not face any problems.

Fix 7: Contact Spectrum Support

As we mentioned earlier, Spectrum is known for its impeccable 24/7 customer service. If you cannot make heads and tails of this situation and none of our fixes work for you, contact the Spectrum support team.

They have specific information about your plan and box status. This is why they can better advice you on this issue.


The error code SUC-1107 on Spectrum is a Live TV interruption. This usually occurs when your plan does not accommodate Live TV.

However, there are other factors to consider as well and we have mentioned that in the article with the fixes.

Hopefully, you could get back to your streaming with our help. Keep following for more technology-related help.

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