How To Fix If “Spectrum Tuning Adapter Blinking”?

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Tuning Adapter is basically a set-top box that allows the users to request the SDV channels. If you are using a Tuning Adapter with your spectrum and if your spectrum tuning adapter blinks and bothers your connection then read this article and learn how you can fix it.

Why Does “Spectrum Tuning Adapter Blinks”?

  • There are some temporary glitches with the Tuning Adapter.
  • The Tuning Adapter may still be in the activation process.
  • The tuning adapter may need to be reprovisioned.
  • There is any pending firmware update.
  • There is some hardware issue.

How To Fix If “Spectrum Tuning Adapter Blinking”? 

fix 1: Tuning Adapter is still in the activation process Activation Process

You can get this issue if your device is still under activation or you didn’t complete the activation process when you last used it.

Follow the steps given below to fix the issue.

  • Remove the USB cable out from the tuning adapter.
  • Then unplug the power cable tuning adapter from the power outlet.
  • Keep them detached for 1 minute and let it rest.
  • Then insert the power cable to the power outlet, and power it on.
  • Wait for one minute and let it configure properly. It takes a minimum of one minute to boot up the device.
  • Once it is on, check if the lights are blinking or not, if not then attach the USB cable back to the device.
  • Wait for ten minutes after following the issue and check if the issue has been resolved or not.

fix 2: Reprovision Tuning Adapter

Provisioning is an important part of tuning adapters. And you may be getting the issue because of it. To provision the Spectrum tuning adapter, you have to contact Spectrum support because this will be done by the technician.

fix 3: Software Update

If in case there is any pending firmware update for the Tuning Adapter then it can create an issue like that.

So we will request you to check for any pending firmware update for the Tuning Adapter. If you find any pending updates then please consider updating it.

fix 4: Contact Support

If you have tried all the given fixes then you are left with one last opportunity, and that is to contact Spectrum support so they can send their technician to inspect the issue.

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