How To Fix Spectrum TV App Error Code IGE 9000?

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Spectrum TV Error Code IGE 9000

​​Spectrum TV App error code IGE 9000 can hit you anytime and show you the error message “​​Spectrum TV App won’t open”.

If you are having the same error code then in this post we are going to share the possible workaround to deal with Spectrum TV Error Code IGE 9000.

How To Fix Spectrum TV Error Code IGE 9000?

Fix 1: Reboot The Modem/Router

The best possible solution is to reboot the Modem/Router on the account.

Spectrum TV app authenticates through the Modem/Router and what happens is that sometimes the Spectrum TV app loses sync which results in this error code.

So as we suggested you should restart the Modem/Router so the Spectrum TV app can re-establishes the sync with the Modem/Router.

Fix 2: Try General Solutions

If restarting the Modem/Router does not fix the problem then check if you’re using the latest version of the Spectrum TV app or not. If not then consider updating the app.

If the error still persists then try restarting the device and if the issue still continues then contact Spectrum TV support to report the error.

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