Spike Review: The Next Generation of Cross-Platform Email Apps

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Spike Review

The idea behind Spike is simple: teams that can communicate and collaborate better can get more done.

To this end, Spike offers best-in-class conversational email, an arsenal of collaborative tools, in-app video meetings, cloud integration, and more.

Keep reading for our comprehensive review of Spike, including its key features, pros and cons, and how easy it is to get to grips with, so you can decide whether it’s time to switch!

Spike’s Key Features

Wondering what’s included in this cross-platform app? Here’s what you get if you sign up:

1. Conversational Email

One of our favorite things about Spike is its innovative conversational email, which blends traditional email with instant messaging for a more natural work chat and a smoother workflow.

We love how it does away with annoyingly repetitive headers and signatures, making threads easier to follow and more natural.

2. Collaborative Notes and Tasks

Spike excels because it allows the user to complete multiple tasks from their inboxes rather than needing to switch between screens and apps.

An example of this is collaborative notes and task tools.

You can share notes and to-do lists with a simple click and access everything you need to maximize workflow from a single platform.

3. Advanced Search Tools

Spike also offers a solution to the time-consuming trawl through folders when you need to find a specific message or thread with its Super Search tool. Click here to read more about this ultra-fast way of locating the exact message, attachment, note, or task you’re looking for without having to open a slew of missives individually.

4. Group Chat

As we said at the top, Spike is all about upgrading collaboration, and its group chat facility is another example of how it does just that.

Teams can use in-app group chat to work together in real time, and it offers a single, organized location to save associated files, documents, and comments.

5. Video and Audio Meetings

Integrated audio and video meetings further streamline things, negating the need for teams to incorporate additional conferencing software into their systems.

6. Cloud Integration

Spike offers smooth Cloud integration, so there’s no need to worry about sending large attachments or disc space restrictions.

Users can attach directly from GDrive, DropBox, or OneDrive, with no need to compress files for extra convenience.

7. Translate

With it becoming increasingly common for teams – and client bases – to be spread across the globe, the translate tool is another handy perk offered by Spike.

The built-in translate feature means your team can collaborate with ease in ten languages.

8. Voice Messaging

With an eye on boosting productivity, the idea of voice messaging is allowing users to save time by recording and sending a quick voice note in-app rather than typing out a missive. It adds a personal touch, too.

9. And More!

As well as the above, Spike offers plenty more benefits to its users, including priority inboxes, which automatically sort out urgent messages from other communications, a Quick Reply Tool, and productivity-boosting keyboard shortcuts.

We also particularly like the customer notifications, which allow users to set unique sounds for specific contacts, and the schedule send tool, which is really useful if you have colleagues working in different timezones – increasingly likely in this age of hybrid working.

Pros and Cons of Spike

Now let’s take a look at the main fors and againsts of getting on board with this email platform:


  • Security. Spike uses advanced AES256 encryption to keep your data as safe and secure as possible.
  • Ease of use. Everything you need is in one place.
  • Variety of collaborative tools. The focus is on providing a one-stop-shop collaborative space to get more done more easily.
  • Users can unify multiple inboxes into a single space for ultimate decluttering.
  • Great, responsive customer service.
  • Cost-effective, with a free tier for the use of a single Smart Inbox with one email address.
  • Spike Pro offers custom domain email addresses.


  • The free version offers only a limited number of group chats.
  • For those who like having signatures, logos, etc., incorporated into their messages, this feature isn’t available.
  • Voice and video calls can only be joined by other Spike users.

How to Use Spike?

It’s easy to get set up with Spike, and there is a range of resources on the website to help with every aspect of using the app.

After you’ve downloaded Spike, all you need to do is sign in using your email to get started. Spike works on iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, and Web Browser, and it has a significantly lighter footprint than, for example, Outlook, Gmail, and Yahoo.

The process of setting up your inbox is easy, and you’ll be guided through every stage, including establishing a unified inbox to gather all of your emails into a single handy platform.

Spike FAQs

Is Spike free?

You can use Spike free with one email address if you require a single inbox. Alternatively, you could opt for the Pro or Business Plan for access to additional features.

Will Spike sell my data?

Spike doesn’t sell or monetize its users’ data in any way, and it also doesn’t show ads.

Can I use my existing email address with Spike?

Yes, Spike can work with your existing email address and allows you to unify all of your other inboxes into one work-friendly space.

What are the benefits of the Spike calendar?

Users can sync all their calendars into a single platform for better, more convenient schedule management.

What is the Spike File Management tool?

The File Management feature allows users to keep track of all the documents, files, and images they receive via email via an easily-searchable library.

Does Spike impose file upload limits?

On the free tier, users can upload files up to 30MB and up to 100MB on the Pro Plan. The Business Plan allows subscribers to upload files of up to 1GB.

Are the collaborative notes and tasks unlimited?

Yes, on all the plans – including the free tier – there is no limit on the notes and tasks that can be used.

What is the nature of Spike’s customer service provision?

A comprehensive online Help Center provides advice on everything from getting started to pro tips. Users can also contact Spike via email, which will usually be responded to within twenty-four hours.


The world of work has changed, and Spike offers a communication and collaborative solution that reflects and supports this.

Whether your team works physically next to each other or is scattered across geographical borders, the innovative (and cost-effective) tools and features offered by Spike can boost productivity and help remote teams connect.

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