How To Spy On Facebook Messages for Free Without The Phone?

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Spy On Facebook Messages for Free Without Phone

Are you curious about tracking someone else’s Facebook messages? It is quite easy and possible with powerful spy apps. This blog will show you how to spy on Facebook messages for free without the phone.

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms that enable users to share photos, information, and other content with their friends. Also, you can join any communities you are interested in and engage with different pages according to your preference.

Having almost three billion users, it is quite popular worldwide, and all age groups of people quite admire Facebook. Nearly every one of our friends or family members has one account on Facebook, which helps us stay connected.

Even Though Facebook has lots of positive aspects to look into, there is a lot of negativity flowing around Facebook. Mainly children are vulnerable and exposed to such social media, and children come across inappropriate content, make online friends and learn negative habits. In that case, you can use a spy app to monitor your child’s Facebook and Messenger activities.

So let’s take a detailed look at how we can spy on someone’s Facebook messages.

Spying on other people’s Facebook messages has become a necessity

Due to high exposure, children are often targets of predators, online groomers, and other casualties. Also, children tend to overshare their data, which results in scams and identity thefts due to high exposure. So, the parents must keep their children safe and save them from vulnerability.

Spying on Facebook messages will assist you in regulating child safety because of its popularity. Additionally, parents can spy on Facebook messenger if they have new online friends, share sexually exploited content, or are exposed to any harmful content. 

Besides, cyberbullying should also be why parents should use spy apps on targeted devices.

Spying on Facebook messages of your partner can also resolve your doubt if you suspect them of cheating. Facebook messenger is a common means of sharing messages; they may be exchanging texts on these platforms. 

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Another reason to spy on Facebook messages is to monitor the activities of your employees. Make sure they are not wasting time on these social media and working effectively and efficiently.

Using spying apps for the safety of your kids is legal and ethical. These apps can protect your child from vulnerability and online exposure. But for cases like spying on your partner or may it be monitoring your organization’s employees, it is illegal. 

So, we recommend you follow local data privacy laws to avoid any possible consequences. And use spy apps with partners’ and employees’ permission and consent.

Why Spy on others’ Facebook messages?

Reason 1: Child Safety

Children now are very much bound to gadgets and online activities. Children are vulnerable to online platforms and social media as they can be exposed to inappropriate content and negative influences. 

Children are often targets of cyberbullies, online groomers, and predators, leading to serious casualties. Also, the toxicity of internet platforms and online behavior can have long-term effects on the child.

To ensure child safety and monitor your child’s activities, using tracker apps could be a solution and add a layer of security for your child. But, solely relying on a phone tracker will not be enough; You should interact and have quality time with your children for their security and future.

Reason 2: Spy partner

Phone tracker can give you a hand to ensure that you suspect your partner is cheating on you. Monitoring your partner’s call logs, social media, and other phone activities can give you a hint and remove your doubt.

If your partner behaves abnormally, is secretive about something, and tries to hide something from you, tracking them should be a solution.

Reason 3: Employee monitoring 

When you work in an organization, you share your data and information with various employees. Employees are often tracked to ensure they are not sharing confidential and sensitive data with others.

Sharing sensitive data can lead to vulnerability in the organization. You can also track the effectiveness and efficiency of an employee in the organization. Lastly, the tracker app can assist you to be threat free and safeguard your business.

How to spy on Facebook messages For free with Spy Apps?

There are quite a few spy apps that can assist you in tracking someone else’s Facebook messages. Here are some of the popular and recommended spying apps,

1. MobileSpy

spying on facebook messeges

MobileSpy is one of the incredible spy apps that can help you track targeted phone messages. It is the ultimate app to spy on your ‘s online activity, and it provides 24/7 control over your child’s device, creating a safer environment for them.

You can monitor your kid’s activity at any  time. There are many catchy and useful features for the parent’s benefit, and the Facebook messenger spy feature is one of the features that boast the competition.

You can spy on Facebook messages and activities of the target device remotely. The targeted device’s data and information are saved on your dashboard.

The activities include all multimedia files sent or received to the target devices with this application and work best on both Android and iOS devices. 

You can also get hold of messages in private and public groups and even access audio and video messages by going through their chat history.

You can even track the GPS location from where Facebook was being used. Fortunately, you don’t need to root or jailbreak the target device to spy on the messages; it is perfect for Android and iOS users.

2. uMobix

targeted phones

uMobix should be another excellent facebook message spying app. It is an advanced spying app developed for parents to ensure the safety of their kids. uMobix also works without rooting on Android devices and jailbreaking on iOS devices. 

But you need to provide cloud ID details of the device you will track. With the help of uMobix, you can quickly and effectively record, save and analyze messenger information. The spying app uMobix can also help you read every bit of a message and access secret Facebook conversations.

 You can even view contact information and profiles your child or partner is talking with, and uMobix also provides you with extensions and tracks shared information.

3. Hoverwatch

spy on facebook

Having satisfied millions of customers worldwide, Hoverwatch should be one for the pick. Hoverwatch develops products mainly focusing on child safety and for the organization’s employees.

Hoverwatch can track all the Facebook messages sent or received from the target device. Unfortunately, This spying app is not compatible with iOS devices.

It can also save audio, videos, images, and even other files from Facebook messenger. All the shared or received files can be viewed on your panel from any device with an internet connection.

Spying on Facebook messages will give you insight into employees’ effectiveness towards work, sharing any confidential or sensitive data or not, and provide you with a sense of security regarding your children.

4. Xnspy

facebook messager

Xnspy is an excellent message tracker app with other great and useful features. The 24/7 availability will keep track of your child, employee, or any other target device anywhere.

The spying app will allow you to view Facebook messenger chat remotely. 

You can also monitor the detailed conversation along with timestamp with relevant time. Xnspy can access all the multimedia files, including photos and videos saved on the target device.

 You can even Export Facebook chat data as a spreadsheet to an off-server location. With Xnspy, you can protect your child from any online risks and go into the conversation with strangers and prevent your employees and children from oversharing data.

5. mSpy

spy apps

mSpy is a powerful spying app that lets you remotely track all the target device’s activities. mSpy can capture real-time data. Installing mSpy can give you peace of mind and monitor your children’s activity if they feel distressed lately.

You can know about every tiny detail and get to know about friendship, relationships, or even if they are chatting with strangers. Spying can also help your children from online casualties like grooming, cyberbullying, etc.

 All the shared multimedia sent or received by the target device is shown on your control panel, which adds a layer of security for you and your children and prevents any potential threats.

6. Cocospy

facebook message tracker

Cocospy is another popular and trustworthy spying app for Android and iOS users. It can monitor the activity of target devices remotely and security as it works in stealth mode. 

Cocospy also doesn’t require jailbreak or root to install the device. Cocospy gathers all the necessary information like the name and timestamp of the individual your child is engaged with.You can access all chat history, multimedia, and other files through the spy app feature.

Additionally, Cocco spy is there to help you 24/7 in case of any emergencies or assistance. The spy app can help you track messages of your children or employees without accessing the target phone.

7. Spybubble

spying  app

Spybubble should be another excellent app to spy on others’ Facebook messages. Spybubble comes up with real-time tracking, updating the information every five minutes. You can even have access to deleted data from the targeted device.

Its extensive compatibility is what it separates from other competitors. Spybubble can also capture all the keystrokes from your child’s and partner’s phones. 

You can get timestamps, contact information from all texts, and multimedia sent and received by the target device. Installing Spybubble will clear your doubt if you suspect your partner of cheating. Besides, it can create a better online environment and assure safety for your child.

Other Ways to spy on Facebook Messages for free without phone

Facebook spying features are maybe the most convenient and easy way to spy on others, but it requires a certain cost. We will try to showcase some free methods that have a low success rate and are often hard to breakdown,

Method 1: Password Reset

Reset passwords may be the oldest trick to spy on others’ Facebook messages. It is an inconvenient method to do so as it requires an email address or phone number and the password linked to their Facebook account.

Furthermore, introducing two-factor authentication has made the process even more complex. We have to come across password verification and codes to access the account. 

Nevertheless, there’s a possibility the target has not implied two-factor authentication. If you can reset the password, take advantage of the opportunity quickly. They can again reset their password and apply two-factor authentication if they cannot log in to their Facebook account.

Method 2: Browser cookies

If the target spends more time on social media, there is a possibility they browse Facebook on their computer. Browser cookies save and collect your activities and can contain sensitive data like email and passwords.

 There’s also a high possibility the target has logged in to Facebook and hasn’t signed out. Signing in and logging out each time you use it isn’t very pleasant.

But there’s a catch; you should be able to have access to their computer.

Method 3: Phishing

Phishing should be another key for spying on Facebook messages. However, Phishing is a lot more complex and time-consuming than it sounds, and Phishing is tricking someone into stealing their identity and credentials and pretending to be someone else.

You can later use the information and use it as you wish. You can either use sites like linked in or employ a component phisher to spy messages on your target.

Method 4: Using keyloggers

Keyloggers are a powerful tool that helps collect all the keystrokes on the device. Many Facebook spy apps have built-in keystroke features, but you can still install keyloggers apps if you are not satisfied with spying apps. 

A keylogger can help you find out passwords and keywords and allow you to view timestamps, and notify you every time new keystrokes appear.


As mentioned in this blog, there are plenty of spying apps and tools to spy on others’ Facebook messages. You can easily track messages of the target device  even without the phone. 

Being a parent, you have the legal right to spy on your child to protect them from vulnerability and online exposure. However, for cases like spying on your partner and employees, we suggest you use provided resources morally and with their consent. Otherwise, you can lose your close ones or even get in trouble with the law.

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