How To Fix square error code cb4?

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Square Error Code CB4

Square Error code cb4 means that there is an error with the square root function. And there can different reasons behind the error, such as an input that is not a number, or an input that is not in the correct format

If you are getting the Square Error code cb4 then in this post we are going to address this error and will share the possible troubleshoots to get rid of the issue.

How To Fix square error code cb4?

Fix 1: Restart your computer

The very first thing which you should try is to restart your computer.

  • Turn off your computer.
  • Unplug your computer power adapter if you are charging your computer.
  • Wait for around 60 seconds.
  • After that, turn on your computer, and check if you are still getting the error code.

Fix 2: Perform Update For The drivers

  • Tap on the Start button.
  • Type Devmgmt.msc”, and tap enter to go to Device Manager.
  • Go to “Ports (COM & LPT)” heading.
  • Now right click on the port which is having error.
  • Tap “Update Driver”.
  • Now browse to the driver’s folder.
  • Choose the desired driver.
  • Tap install.
  • Wait till the driver installation process competes.
  • If in case driver installation doesn’t complete then keep repeating the process, otherwise contact the computer’s manufacturer for the help.

Fix 3: Reinstall your graphics card

  • Unplug all power cords and cables connected to the graphics card.
  • Then Remove the screw which holds the graphics card.
  • Then remove the graphic card.
  • Then add the new graphic card, and reinstall the screw.
  • Now plug in all power cords and cables connected to the graphics card.
  • Power on your computer.

Fix 4: Run a virus scan

Running a virus scan can also help you fix the issue so run a quick virus scan. And once the virus scan completes check if the error has been resolved.

Fix 5: Some Other Troubleshoots

If you are still getting the error then you can try some other troubleshoots which we have listed below.

  • Clean your registry
  • Check if your operating system needs to be updated, if yes then please consider updating it.
  • Install the latest service packs

Fix 6: Contact system administrator 

If you have tried everything but still getting the error code then try contacting your system administrator.

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