How To Fix star citizen error codes 16008 & 15008?

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star citizen error codes 16008 & 15008

Data transfer issues on the game Start Citizen can show themselves in these error codes. These data transfer issues could be related to internet or server problems. A reason to pinpoint as the correct one is not possible.

Therefore, we will need to discuss how to fix Star Citizen error codes 16008 & 15008 in detail.

These two essentially deal with the same issue and can show up interchangeably.

Let’s see what can be the reasons for this in the next section with the solutions.

How to solve the error code 16008/15008 on Start Citizen?

There are many reasons for these error codes to show up. We will discuss all of them with their fixes so that it is easy for you to follow along.

Fix 1: Check the server status for the game

There are many reasons why a game server might stop responding. Also, this is the first thing that you should look into before engaging any of your resources toward fixing the gameplay.

This is because if the server is down, it is not something that you can solve on your end. 

Before wasting any time trying to solve the issue on your own, launch Google search and search for a down detector tool.

These tools are free and can let you know if the particular server you are using is down at the moment.

If the server is down, wait for the development team to get it back up.

Fix 2: Launcher issues on the game

The game launcher program might be the root cause of your trouble. You can solve this issue by getting out of the game and shutting down all the processes related to the game.

After a while, mostly after the time period of around an hour, attempt to launch the game again when the system has had time for self-repair.

If you feel that the issue will not solve on its own, you can also try to troubleshoot the program through your settings menu.

Fix 3: Missed updates on the game

The game launcher needs to be updated to the latest version to be able to function the way it is supposed to.

If you have missed important updates on the program, you will face many bugs in the game. There will be an influx of serious game issues and you will not always be able to put your finger on a particular reason.

Check for the updates on the game, launcher, and also for your device drivers. Make sure that all these are running on the latest versions.

Fix 4: You are using a cheat software 

Many games have advanced tools to detect if you are using cheating software to have an edge over other players in the game.

This counts as an unfair practice and can also get your account banned from the platform.

In some cases, you will not get any warnings and the anti-cheat system on the platform will interfere with your gameplay through error codes like 16008 & 15008.

Make sure that you turn off any cheat software and any processes related to the software before returning to the game and see if it solves your issue.

Fix 5: Check the network firewall and antivirus software settings

Sometimes, the safety mechanisms employed by your computer can lead to a ban on a lot of websites and programs.

The games could be totally safe to play and yet you will still see that they end up on the network firewall blocklist.

These safety measures sometimes go overboard and if you have a genuine version of the game, you can add the game as an exception to both the firewall as well as the antivirus.

Fix 6: Check the Windows Host File 

In some instances, the host file on Windows can be corrupt due to a system malfunction. This can be easily eliminated by setting the host file to default settings.

This sounds complicated if you have never done it before. 

Follow this link to the Microsoft guide. Here you will find the steps to reset the host file according to your Windows version.

As each version of Windows has different settings, make sure you pick your version from the guide.

Fix 7: Contact the Game support team

It is possible that the issue might be out of your depth and none of the solutions suggested worked for you.

In this case, you should contact the game support team and ask for assistance. There is also an option to raise a support request on the player forums where other users might help you with the game issues.

To conclude

The error codes 16008 & 15008 in Star Citizen are essentially the same error codes. You will see these codes when there is a data-sharing failure from the game server to your device.

We have mentioned the solutions according to the different reasons that this happens. 

We hope that this gaming resource was helpful. Keep following for more technical and gaming advice.

Happy Gaming!!

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