How To Fix Star Citizen Lobby Error 60015?

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Star Citizen Lobby Error 60015

There are many different software tools that work together to get the different programs functioning on your devices.

All the tools that are related to the functioning of the game should be in proper shape or else, it will become really difficult for you to play the game. 

Thankfully, the Star Citizen game actually codes these issues into specific error codes which helps us in understanding exactly what is wrong with the game.

In this article, we will discuss the question of how to fix star citizen lobby error 60015.

There are many server issues, game issues, and device issues that can lead to errors in the game.

In the next section, we will discuss the solutions to the error code 60015. Let’s get into it without further delay.

How to solve the error code 60015 on Star Citizen Lobby?

The error code 60015 only shows up in the lobby area of the game and will prevent you from getting into the game.

There can be many issues that will prevent you from accessing the game further than the lobby and we will discuss all of them separately in this section.

Fix 1: The Server is down

It is very important for the game to be connected to the server in order for you to play. If the server is down, you will undeniably be kicked out of the game.

If you were trying to access the Star Citizen Lobby while the server outage happened, you will face the error code 60015.

You can check the status of the server through the server status page for Star Citizen. You can do this through this link here.

If any outage is detected on the server, then the issue is on the game side and no actions are required on your part. You will need to wait till the game server is restored before trying to play.

Fix 2: Restart your PC

Temporary issues with your PC including the clouding of working memory can be an issue that is responsible for you not being able to play the game.

In these circumstances, you should try to log out of the game, restart the PC and then check if you are still facing the same error code.

If this does not solve your issue, then you need to try the other solutions on the list.

Fix 3: Check your internet connection

The internet connection is a vital part of game processing. Your connection to the game server in a continuous fashion totally depends on a stable and fast internet connection.

If the internet connection is not stable or the speed of the connection is less than the threshold of the minimum speed required for gameplay, you will face issues on the game which may or may not be the error code 60015.

You can check the status of your internet connection through any internet speed meter on Google. 

If the speed and stability of the connection are not what you want, contact your internet service provider for the same.

Fix 4: Turn off any VPN services

If you are using a Virtual Private Network while playing the game, you need to turn off the program as well as all the background processes associated with the VPN.

A VPN connection is not allowed in a lot of games due to the risk of identity theft and unfair gameplay. This is not allowed in Star Citizen as well.

If you are using a VPN, turn off the VPN and all the programs associated with it.

Fix 5: Update your network driver

The device drivers on your PC are your best friend as they help the PC maneuver the different processes on the device.

Whenever you update your PC, the device drivers are updated automatically. However, sometimes, certain updates are unintentionally missed.

If you are facing issues with your network connection, you need to check if the network drivers are updated to the latest version.

If there is a new version available, update the network driver to that version and many of your network troubles will be solved immediately.

Fix 6: Check your Firewall settings

The device network firewall is responsible for gatekeeping the device network from malicious content and programs.

In some cases, the firewall also blocks programs that are not harmful as anticipated. 

If the game Star Citizen is found on the blocklist of the network firewall, remove it from the list. To make sure that the same situation is not faced in the future, you should also put the game on the list of exceptions for the firewall.

Fix 7: Contact the game support team

If none of the solutions have unfortunately helped you, you need to contact the game support team.

Mention the exact issue that you are facing and when did you start facing it. They will help you with the issue and suggest solutions that can help you with the error code.

To Conclude

The error code 60015 on the game lobby of Star Citizen is an issue with progressing forward in the game.

We have mentioned the solutions that can help you get rid of the error code and get you forward from the game lobby to the gameplay. 

We hope that the solutions have helped you. Keep following for more technical and gaming advice.

Happy Gaming!!

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