How To Fix Steam Error Library_7728431_88af7cf66459d659?

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Steam Error Library_7728431_88af7cf66459d659

Error library_7728431_88af7cf66459d659 comes with Steam while streaming a game from one pc to another. And sometimes this error can also occur on other occasions.

During our research, we also found that sometimes the same error comes with a different error code Library_7668455_5f24d6ddd9f44727.

The error comes like this;

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Error Reference: Library_7728431_88af7cf66459d659

Cannot read property ‘TakeFocus’ of undefined

How To Fix Steam Error Library_7728431_88af7cf66459d659?

Fix 1: Start The Game On The Host Device Manually

If you get this error then the first thing you need to do is to start the game on the host device manually and then press “connect” on the client device.

Fix 2: Use Big Picture Mode

If the error still continues then try using the big-picture mode. We have found that for many users using the ​​big-picture mode fixes the error immediately.

Fix 3: Install SteamLink App

If using the Big Picture Mode doesn’t resolve the error try installing the SteamLink app which will provide some additional libraries, and hopefully fixes the error for you.

Fix 4: Are You Using Linux OS?

If you are using the Linux OS and having this error then you need to close Steam and then run in terminal ‘steam -pipeline’.

Fix 5: Try This Troubleshoot Video

You can also try the workaround shared in this video.

Fix 6: Does The Error Started Appearing After The Update?

If the error started appearing after the recent update then it might possible that the recent update has triggered something wrong and caused the error.

In that case, you might have to wait for the next update.

Meanwhile, contact Steam support and report the error to confirm if there is something in their update which cause the error or if there is something else.

You can also visit this thread Maybe you found something helpful.

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