How To Fix Steam trade error 15?

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Using Steam Trade is a great way to get rid of extra copies of games or game items that you might have in your Steam library and get other useful items in return.

However, many players are reporting that they face Seam Trade error 15 while they try to make purchases or sell something.

This is a trade-related error and this indicates that the trade has failed. There can be many reasons for the trade feeling, such as items being invalid, missing, or already traded. Sometimes network issues and device-related issues can also play a part.

How to get rid of Steam trade error code 15?

Fix 1: Refresh the trade page

There are some temporary glitches that might be present on the trade page. Sometimes, there are also connectivity issues that are only affecting a single page.

In either case, the first solution that you should try is to refresh the trade page several times. By refreshing the page, you are instructing the page to reload and start all the processes again.

This is also the solution where you do not have to do anything except refresh the page and it is the easiest of the lot. This is why it is the first on our list.

Fix 2: Clear the browser cookies and cache

Your browser stores later related to a website in the form of cookies and cache. If there was some wrong information or outdated information entered on the website, due to the cookies and cache, you might face this error code.

To avoid getting into this situation, you should regularly clean the browser cookies and cache. 

When you face the trade error code 15, go to the browser settings and clear the cookies and cache data and then reload the page.

This might solve the issue for you as it has been solved for many other players.

Fix 3: Check your inventory

Many times players forget that the products in their inventory that they are trying to trade have already been traded or deleted.

This is because they make the trade without checking their inventory first. 

When you face a trade error 15 on Steam, go to your inventory and see if the item that you’re trying to trade is still present in your inventory. If it is not, you need to drop the trade.

Fix 4: Check the status of the Steam server

The Steam trading services are really dependent on the connection to the Steam store server. 

When many players log in at the same time, then the server can crash. This is a very common issue with many different websites. It has nothing to do with the quality of the website. Too much traffic on the server at a particular time can cause a server to temporarily crash.

In this case, you can go to any down detector website through Google. In the search bar, type Steam. You will see a report of all the outages that the Steam server has been facing in the last few hours.

If the scheme server is down, you can do nothing but raise a support request and wait for the server to go back up.

Fix 5: Check the URL of the trade

When you are making a trade through Steam, the trade URL is very important to enter. You need to make sure that the trade URL that you’re using is legitimate and up to date.

If you are suspecting that your trade URL is not up to date, you can update it. To update the trade URL, launch the Steam account settings. 

In the settings, you will find the option to update the trade URL.

Fix 6: Disable all the extensions on your web browser

If you’re in the habit of using browser extensions, You will face a lot of issues on many different websites that you are trying to access through the browser.

When you’re trying to make a Steam trade through the Steam website, you might also face an error with the platform. This error might or might not be trade error 15.

A simple fix to this problem is to disable all the extensions on your web browser. Then there are no extensions active on the web browser, they will not interfere with the programs that you’re trying to launch through the web browser.

Fix 7: Check the settings on your Steam guard

The Steam card is like a two-factor authentication system built specially for Steam. This plays a huge part in the authentication process of your Steam account and its trades.

You need to make sure that your Steam Guard settings are configured correctly. Once you make sure that the settings have been refreshed, then you can continue and try again.

Fix 8: Try to log in through a different device

Sometimes there is no issue with this scheme, server, or the software that you’re using, but the device that you’re using is faltering.

In these cases, what you should do is try to log in through a different device. If this solves the issue, you will know that the device that you were using originally for the Steam trade was facing glitches.

Fix 9: Try to trade with a different player

All the authentication on your Steam account must be working fine, but the player that you’re trying to trade with might not be authenticated properly.

In this case, you have to dump the trade with that player and find a different player to trade with. 

If you have refreshed plenty of times, but you still cannot trade the item with the particular player, You need to consider trading with a different player.

Fix 10: Make sure that the receiver of the trade does not have a full backpack.

There is a certain backpack that you get on the Steam trade account where you can only fit a certain number of items.

This is why players regularly trade their items for other items Instead of purchasing new items again and again. However, you need to make sure that the receiver of your trade does not have a full backpack. If the player on the other side of the trade has a full backpack, they will not be able to receive the trade that they are trying to buy from you. 

In this case, you will need to switch to a different player and take your business elsewhere.

Fix 11: Contact the Steam customer support team

We have mentioned all the solutions that can help you get rid of the error code 15 while trading through Steam.

Unfortunately, if you are still not able to go through with the trade, the only people who can shed more light on your issue are the customer support team executives from Steam itself. They will make a note of your issue and check the credentials of your account. Once the vetting process is complete, they will let you know what you can do in order to complete the trade.

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