A Complete Step By Step Guide For Bluestack For MAC

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The major issue with the MAC users that most of the popular apps and games are paid on the Mac store. You can not use them for free and those are free most of them will not provide a wow kind of feeling.

But after having the Bluestacks Android emulator on MAC PC you can enjoy trouble-free Android apps and games on your MAC device for free.

What Is Bluestacks 4

Means you are going to experience the world of Android on your MAC device which is quite interesting. Bluestack is having an officially released version for MAC too, and all of the versions are supported to MAC.

What is the latest Bluestacks Version

This year in 2018 they released the Bluestacks 4 with some amazing features & UI for gamers which can give you an amazing gaming experience. You can download the Bluestacks 4 directly from their website.

Here Is A Quick Guide On How You Can Do That

  • Go to the Google.com and type Bluestacks or you can directly visit Bluestack.com
  • Click on the downlaod link from the homepage
  • It will take you to a landing page where you can see the final download link
  • As you will click the download link, it will start the download
  • Once the download is finished you have to move to the installation process
  • Tap on the downloaded Bluestack file
  • As you will tap it will show you an option to install
  • Then tap on the continue and it will automatically accept the terms & conditions and then wait
  • Once the installation will finish it will show you the option “finish”, simply tap it
  • Now you will get a message “System Extension Blocked” so simply tap on the “open the security preference”
  • It will ask to allow, so allow it
  • You are done, the Bluestack 4 is installed to your device.

How You Can Enhance The Security Of The Bluestacks?

It is really important to secure your MAC device while using the Bluestack and these security options are for all of the Bluestack versions.

  • Go to the application folder
  • Search for Bluestack
  • Open the Bluestack
  • Once it is completely open, minimize it.

You just need to minimize, so please do not close it

Go to the system preference and tap on the option “security & privacy”

Now you can see 4 tabs

  • General
  • FileVault
  • Firewall
  • Privacy

You need to select the Firewall and check if the firewall option is on or not. If it is on leave it as it is

In case if it is not on, click on the lock icon below

Once you will click on the lock icon you need to enter the username and password

Type of the username & password and turn on the firewall.

Then tap on the firewall option, and it will open the all opened application on the device.

You needed to find and select the Bluestacks, and it will show you two options

  1. Allow incoming connections
  2. Block incoming connections

Select the second one “Block incoming connections” and tap ok to save

Click on lock icon again and it will save changes

How To Run Application On Bluestack On MAC

Go to my apps tab

install apps on Bluestacks on mac

Select the search bar and search for the app you want to install

Run Application On Bluestack On MAC

It will show you the app you are searching for so you have to tap the app icon

Then simply select the “Install” button and within a minute it will be installed

Run Application On Bluestack On MAC

Now you need to tap on the app to launch it

How To Uninstall The Apps On Bluestack On MAC

Go the same “my apps” tab

install apps on Bluestacks on mac

Tap on the menu button

Now all of the installed app lists come to you

There you can see the setting options, so select it

Now choose “apps”

Uninstall The Apps On Bluestack On MAC

You will find a list of apps again

Now just drag the app to uninstall

Uninstall The Apps On Bluestack On MAC

Now click ok to confirm

There is one more way to uninstall the apps on MAC

Go to my apps tab

Now long press the app icon you want to uninstall

Now drag and drop it to the uninstall option

Now it will ask for confirmation


You are done

How To Uninstall the Bluestack On MAC

If you are not satisfied with the MAC and want to uninstall so below is the guide you can follow.

Go to the finder option

Uninstall the Bluestack On MAC

Then select “Application”

Uninstall the Bluestack On MAC

As you select for the “Application” option it will show you all of the installed applications

Go and search for the Bluestack and tap it

Uninstall the Bluestack On MAC

Then you have to drag the Bluestack to the trash options

Uninstall the Bluestack On MAC

Then go for the trash and delete it from there

You are done



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