How to disable CTRL+Shift+Q in Chrome?

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CTRL+Shift+Q is one of the most obnoxious features of Chrome, which literally works disaster for users. Cause you never want all your tabs to disappear at one go.

This is what Chrome’s Ctrl+Shift+q does to your tabs, one mistake and all your tabs are gone. This shortcut actually costs you a lot, if commanded undeliberately.

steps to Disable CTRL+Shift+Q In Chrome

I even think many times why this shortcut is given, when it works only to cause disaster to users, but we cannot blame Google for it, the only thing we can do is to disable it. So let’s learn how to disable CTRL+Shift+Q in Chrome?

How To Disable CTRL+Shift+Q in Chrome?

  • Go to your Browser’s address bar
  • In your browser address bar type ‘Chrome:extensions, and Chrome extension page will appear.
  • Now go down the page and click on ‘Keyboard Shortcuts’.
  • Now select any extension you want, and tap on the box next to it. (if you don’t have any extension, you can install some like, “Save to Google Drive extension).
  • Now go back to step one and try again.
  • Once the box is ready for input, it will change color and ask you to ‘type a Shortcut’.
  • Recheck the text you have input, before going ahead for the next step.
  • When you are sure the box is active, Enter CTRL+Shift+Q on the keyboard and click “OK” at the bottom Right.
  • You are done.

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