How to Reset Your Xfinity Router? [2 Working Methods]

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How to Reset Your Xfinity Router

Resetting your Xfinity router can help solve errors like “cannot join existing connection or establish new connection”.

Also, it fixes software glitches or router malfunctions responsible if your router’s WiFi is not showing up. Ideally, it also helps in troubleshooting no internet or poor connectivity issues when the Xfinity gateway blinks yellow or solid red light.

You can first check your ISP for local outages or connectivity issues. If the issue is not at your ISP’s end, it can be due to some software glitch or router malfunctioning, which can be fixed by factory reset. If that doesn’t work, you should consider switching to a new router (check out the best Xfinity routers.)

You can factory reset Xfinity router either through its web interface or a reset button available on it. Need help with how to do it? Simply follow this guide, and you will be all set.

How to Reset Xfinity Router?

The factory or hard reset fixes malfunctioning and software glitches by restoring the router to its factory default settings. After a factory reset, all the custom network settings, network name, password, etc., get erased, and you have to configure it again.

Thus, it is crucial to first try a soft reset (restart or reboot) to the Xfinity gateway to fix normal connectivity issues. 

You can do it manually by unplugging your Xfinity device from power for 30 seconds and then plugging it back. Or use Xfinity App (for all rented Xfinity gateways) and select the “Restart Gateway” option under the “Connection Trouble” section.

If the soft reset doesn’t fix the connectivity issues, follow this step-by-step guide to hard reset Xfinity router. Here are two ways to do it [applicable for all rented Xfinity gateways]:

Method 1: Reset Xfinity Router (XB6, XB7, XB8) using a Reset Button

1. Locate the “Reset” button on your Xfinity gateway and press it for 30 seconds. Depending upon the model, it can be either at the top front or back of the device. For Comcast router reset, the button is at the backside, while in XB7, it is located above the telephone ports.

Note: If your Xfinity gateway doesn’t have a reset button, use the WPS button.

  • Release the button once the device lights turn OFF. After a few seconds, the device light starts blinking.
  • Let the device set up completely. Once the LED light starts blinking as usual, connect to your router by entering its IP address ( or in the web browser.
  • Wait for the Xfinity web interface to load properly (indicate successful reset). If it doesn’t load, restart your device/system and then configure the network settings from scratch.

Method 2: Resetting Xfinity Router using Web Interface

If you are unable to locate the reset or WPS button, follow these steps to reset Xfinity router to default through its web or app interface:

  1. Open a browser and enter in the address bar to access the Xfinity admin tool. Log in with your username and password.
  1. Look for the “Troubleshooting” section, and there click on the “Reset/Restore Gateway” option.
  1. Choose from the available five reset options, i.e.
    • Reset – For soft reset or device restart (works similar to unplugging and plugging the device)
    • Reset WiFi Module – To turn off your gateway’s WiFi radio and then enable it.
    • Reset WiFi Router- For resetting the wireless router connected to the modem.
    • Restore WiFi Settings – It will completely restore your WiFi settings to default factory values, including SSID or Network name and password. Your WiFi network will be disconnected, and you will have to reconnect all devices again after setting up the network name and password.

Note: Use this option when you face errors like “cannot establish new connection” or “cannot connect to the network” while adding a new device to your WiFi network.

  • Restore Factory Settings – It will erase all custom network settings, including WiFi credentials, firewall settings, parental controls, managed devices, etc., to restore default factory values. You will temporarily disconnect from the network and customize the settings to connect devices again.

Note: Use this option for fixing software glitches, malicious files and device malfunctioning issues.

  1. Wait for 5 minutes to complete the reset process. Once the router is online again, try accessing the Xfinity admin tool interface again on the browser. The process is complete if the web page is loading successfully. Enter “admin” under the username and “password” in the password field.
  1. Go to the “WiFi” option under the “Gateway” section to configure network settings like Network name and password again.

How does Resetting Xfinity Router Helps in Troubleshooting?

Xfinity router reset can be useful in various scenarios, like:

  • When you are making changes to the network, i.e. Adding New Devices, Changing network password, etc.
  • To erase bugs and glitches accidentally restored with custom settings for proper working of router
  • Helps booting off unwanted devices from your network
  • To fix malicious attacks or corrupted firewall settings
  • Resolve connectivity or slow internet issues

Related FAQs

What happens when you reset the Xfinity router?

When you hard reset a router, its custom network settings, parental controls, and firewall settings get erased and restored to factory defaults. So, you have to configure the network name, password, and connected devices again once the reset is completed.

What to do if Xfinity internet is not working after reset?

If your Xfinity gateway is not working after resetting, contact your service provider for technical assistance. There are chances that your router is damaged or malfunctioning. In that case, replace it with a new Xfinity router or purchase another.

How to reset the Xfinity Router password?

To reset your Xfinity password, go to and enter your Xfinity ID. Complete the security check and then choose how to recover your password from text, email or call options. Enter the recovery code received on the selected platform and then set a new password to log in.

How to restart the Xfinity Router without an app?

You can restart your Xfinity gateway manually without an app by unplugging it from the power source and then plugging it back after 30 seconds.

How often should I reboot my Xfinity router?

It is ideal to reboot your router after every couple of months to fix technical glitches, bugs and connectivity issues. It should be your first troubleshooting step to fix slow or no internet issues.

Will I lose Internet connection if I reset my router?

You will be temporarily disconnected to your current WiFi network when doing factory reset as it will erase your existing network settings. Once the reset is completed, you can configure your network to connect devices again for internet access.

What if I factory reset xfinity router but there’s no internet?

Contact your ISP for network connectivity issues if there is no internet after resetting your router. There can be some local outage, network congestion or another connectivity issue at your ISP’s end. If that is not the issue, you can ask the service provider to check your router and repair or replace it if it is malfunctioning.


By following this simple step-by-step guide, you can reset any of your Xfinity devices to fix software or connectivity issues.

Start with a soft reset to fix minor glitches and then proceed to a hard reset for malfunctioning. If nothing works for you, contact your service provider for technical assistance or visit.

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