How to Turn Off Browsing History on Chrome?

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Turn Off Browsing History on Chrome

All web browsers monitor the user and record their actions in the logs during online activity.

To get rid of unwanted data, Google offers a ‘clear’ option for Chrome browser History using a pre-installed function.

If you want to disable the chrome browser to save your record, you can always work in the anonymous mode in this browser.

How to Turn Off Browsing History on Chrome?

You can disable your chrome browser to save your history by using the chrome browser.

It opens a separate window where the History is not saved the entire time spent online unless the user returns to browsing in a normal window.

We recommend turning off History in Google Chrome using this method since combining different types of web surfing is convenient.

To open Incognito Mode In Google Chrome, click on the web browser menu icon and select “New incognito window” or click on the key combination Ctrl + Shift + N.

Here’s how incognito mode works:

  • The web pages you open and the files you download in Incognito Mode are not recorded in your browsing and download history.
  • All new cookies are deleted after closing all windows you have opened in Incognito Mode.
  • Changes you make to Google Chrome bookmarks and general settings in Incognito Mode are still saved.

Types of History

When talking about History, it usually means a directory of visited sites, a guide to help us quickly find any web resource that has been opened in the browser before. However, there are other varieties:

  • Query History is data that a search engine stores and uses to personalize search results. Such information is not stored on a computer or smartphone but on remote servers.
  • Download History – A list of all recently downloaded files. From here, we can quickly open a document or expand a directory containing an element.

You can manage each of these types, but the methods differ. In this article, we have collected tips on organizing your History on Chrome and how to delete Google search History on phone.

How to Clear Your Browsing History Using Google Chrome’s Built-in Features?

If you want to erase recent History in Google Chrome, it is first of all appropriate to turn to the tools that the web browser is equipped with. There is nothing complicated in them, and we can wipe the contents in just a few clicks.

Method 1: Single Record Clearing

Often, there is a need to remove only a few records for a certain time, but there is no desire to clean the entire History. Selective cleaning comes in handy.

  • Click on the three vertical dots icon (⋮) at the top right of the Google Chrome window.
  • Hover over the line “History”, and from the list that opens, select “History” again.
  • Opposite each line you will see three dots (⋮) next to each website you visited. Click on them and select “Delete from History”.

There is yet another approach, but the result is the same: using similar instructions. Just tick the boxes on the left of the entries, then click the “Delete” button on the top line to quickly erase the browser’s History.

Method 2: Delete History in Google Chrome via Hotkeys

This is a very fast way to delete Google Chrome History from your computer. With a little practice, cleaning takes seconds using hotkey combinations.


  1. Open Google Chrome. 
  2. Hold the Ctrl+Shift+Delete for Windows or Linux or Command+Shift+Backspace for Mac.
  3. Pay attention to the “Time Range”, and choose the  value corresponding to the desired cleaning period.
  4. 4) Then click on the “Clear Now” button.

Method 3: How to Clear Search History Using a Link?

This would be especially easy and quick for those who need to delete Google search History on their phone. The tab with the tool that allows you to delete History has its own link. We can add it to the home page and open it with one click as needed.

How it works:

  • Insert the link chrome://settings/clearBrowserData into the address bar of the browser.
  • Set the Time range and clear the Browser History by clicking on Clear data.

Method 4: How to Clear History in Google Chrome from Settings Tab?

This standard method is the most versatile. 

  • To access “Settings”, click the three dots icon (⋮).  
  • Select “Clear browsing data…” from the drop-down menu.
  • Choose a specific time period to delete your Chrome web browsing history. Here are the options: “past hour”, “past day”, “past week”, “last weeks 4” and “time start”.
  • Then select the item you want to remove. To be more precise, you can delete browsing history, download history, cached images and files, cookies and other data from your Mac Chrome.
  • Click “Clear Browsing Data” to confirm the changes.


So we have completely figured out how to deactivate History in Google Chrome. We went through the features of deleting search and download data and discovered hidden options for completely disabling our browsing History.

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