Product/Application Submission Request

Do you own any Software/Applications? or just launched any? If yes then use the Application Submission form given below to publish your Application on our platform.

It’s easy, simple, you just need to submit the required informations about your Application and rest is up to us.

It can take around 3 to 4 working days to publish your application depending upon the number of submission requests.

Note: Application submission will go through our editorial process. If in case we find any issues with the information you provided. Then we have full right to decline the submission request.

How To Submit Your Product to Us for review?

  • Write a detailed overview about your product/software.
  • Send that article doc at [email protected].
  • We will publish the article within 4 working days, and reply you with the live link.

How Should You Format Your Article? Editorial Guidelines

Your article should be least 1000 word count, and it should content following headlines.

  • A brief introduction of product/application
  • Key features of product/application
  • Pros and cons of product/application.
  • How to use the product/application.
  • FAQS about the product/application.
  • In addition to these headlines, if any other informations make sense, please feel free to add those information.