Submit Request For Your Product/App/Software Review

Quaries is an initiative to make an unbiased consumer technology website where we help internet users better understand the technology by providing them tutorials, hacks, tips, reviews, and many other things related to tech.

We also invite the product owners such as apps, software, hardware products to submit their products to us so we can review them.

There are many researches and data which shows that product reviews by blog/website in the same niche can scale a product very fast.

I am also a content marketer, so I know when someone writes good or bad about any online product, it impacts them directly.

Consumers also like to read product reviews first before making the final buying decision.

So we would like to invite you to submit your product to us for review. It’s a simple process, and it will not take so much time.

How To Submit Your Product to Us for review?

You have to email us at that you want your product to be reviewed by us. Please mention your name, product name, product URL, and a brief introduction of the product.

Also, you have to pay the admin fees of 50$. I have proper reasons for charging this admin fee.

Not all the product reviews published on our website are requested by their owner; we randomly pick products to review which are popular among the users or getting popular recently.

So if you want to prioritise your product review, then you have to pay the admin fees of 50$. Also the process of a product review requires time and resources so we think we deserve the admin fees to prioritise your review.

But in case you are not interested in paying the admin fees, you can still submit the request. It can take up to 3 to 4 months to finally publish your review because we have a huge pending list of products to review.

Is Admin Fee Sponsored Post Charges?

Please don’t consider the admin fee as sponsored post charge because we are not going to give a biased review because you pay the admin fees.

An admin fee is just to prioritize your product review; we are not going to provide any biased advantage because of it.

Our review will be unbiased, and we will share our real opinion about your product.

Before writing any review, we test all the products to share our real experience, so please don’t consider admin fees as sponsored fees.

Do We Use Sponsored Tag For Our Product Review?

On every product review, we link the official product page as a reference; if any users like the review, then they can visit the official website to try it, or to find more information. But we don’t use sponsored tags for them because they are not sponsored at all.

If in case there is any kind of direct or indirect affiliate link included in the article, then we use the sponsored tag for them.

How Much Time Will It Take For Your Product To Get Reviewed?

The answer is it depends, sometimes we have so much product to be reviewed, so it can take a little longer time, but you can expect 2 to 6 days to get your product review published on our blog.